Western pharmaceutical companies are difficult to open up the Indian market

India’s Supreme Court recently rejected Novartis’s patent litigation, once again aroused the concern of the international community. India is a pharmaceutical production and exporting countries, the “World pharmacy,” said, in particular, the production of the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS and other
chronic generics inexpensive, although it meets the Indian patient’s needs, but also led to the Indian and International Large pharmaceutical companies disputes.

Low prices of generic drugs so that patients can afford “We recognize that the development of anti-cancer drugs need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources, time-consuming, which is why they are extremely expensive, ordinary people can hardly bear, but everyone has the right to life, we are more concerned about the person’s life. Indian pharmaceutical efficacy of the same generic drugs are much cheaper, and thus save more lives, and this is no doubt. “Cancer Patients Aid Association, Delhi, India, branch president Miss Hu Ku in the interview with this reporter, said.

To treat breast cancer cure trastuzumab, for example, by the Roche drug production, to enter the Indian market, Roche has this drug prices by 15 percent to 9.2 million rupees (about 10,000 yuan ) one, then Yimu Ke cooperation with local enterprises in India, the drug prices fell to 72,000 rupees a. Nevertheless, this price is still prohibitive for many patients. But India’s success in the field of generic drugs so that ordinary patients see hope. Since the Indian
government last year, Bayer produced sorafenib treatment of liver cancer compulsory licensing of generic, the patient monthly cost dropped from 280,000 rupees to 8,800 rupees, a decline of up to 97%; imitation of local enterprises by the Indian Reorganization B Hepatitis vaccine price per dose from 1,000 rupees to 50 rupees; Indian companies in 2001 for the treatment of AIDS began to imitate the first-line antiretroviral drugs, the cost per person per year in India by the patient $ 10,439 to 350 dollars.

It is understood that the Indian generic drug costs less than half of the Western pharmaceutical companies, but its investment in research and development, but only the western 1/8, Western clinical trial costs about 1/10.

Forced imitation of government permission.Indian Medical Association Secretary Narendra? Saini told reporters, Indian generic drug is in accordance with national law or government permission, usually in the original drugs after patent expiration, is legal, there can be no barriers to innovation. It is understood that the price is too high, the patient can not use ordinary original drug, even if still under patent, the Government can implement compulsory licensing of generic. India’s leading pharmaceutical company Biocon CEO Kiran? Majumdar Dahl? Shaw in an interview with Indian media said that India should show the world its respect for intellectual property, in order to attract international pharmaceutical companies to invest. But the Indian government in the implementation of compulsory licensing of generic drug production, it should be based on a state of emergency, plague, or extreme shortage of medicines, rather than based on the principle of drug prices affordable.

Saini also said that the development of original drugs after a long argument, and in terms of quality is strictly controlled, and therefore easier to obtain the trust of patients. However, generic drug potency and originality is almost exactly the same or only slightly different, but the price is very low. “India’s
pharmaceutical market is open to foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers and local companies can compete. Different drugs, the same or similar quality, a high prices, a very cheap, the patient’s choice is clear.” He also pointed out that the original drug Of course, manufacturers will therefore suffer some losses, but they are simply an attempt to change the appearance of drugs, dosages to impersonate patented drugs is not advisable, because it does not comply with the Indian patent laws and regulations.

Saini is referring to April this year, India’s Supreme Court rejected Novartis for improved anti-cancer drug Gleevec patent protection. Foreign pharmaceutical companies try to cooperate with local enterprises.Indian government expects the 2013 Indian domestic pharmaceutical market will grow 13% -14% in 2015 to reach $ 20 billion, by 2020 is expected to exceed $ 30 billion. By then, the Indian domestic high-income groups increases, foreign pharmaceutical companies will provide about $ 8 billion of expensive drug consumption market.

According to Indian media reports, in 2015, India’s indigenous production of drugs, generic drugs will account for about 90%. How to dominate the world in the generics market in the case of a corner is to seize foreign pharmaceutical companies are facing problems. Although the original drug reputation better, more assurance of quality, but the price is too high and India is its soft underbelly of generic competition, which determines its local consumer groups can only be part of affluent crowd. Therefore, some foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers have begun to try to cooperate with the Indian domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, in order to enter the Indian market.

Roche has worked with companies in India Aimu Ke trastuzumab cooperate on pharmaceutical projects,by Roche is responsible for production, then packed and shipped to Aimu Ke rename the company, which makes trastuzumab lower drug prices 33%.

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