Venezuela customs

Venezuela is the world-famous “beautiful country”, so far, Venezuela gives birth to four “Miss Universe” and 5 “Miss World” and legendary. Venezuelans generous one-fifth of their income for the beauty and the clothing. In Venezuela, beauty pageants customs from generation to generation. Able to participate in the country’s beauty is woman’s biggest dream, because it will be her family out of poverty, the only way into the upper classes of society. If they are endowed with both young lady, more ambitious future. Venezuelans dinners to Western-based, but draws on the traditional local way of cooking and seasoning. Hospitality are the main food of rice, corn tortillas, beans, food, beef, pork, fish, shrimp, seafood, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. Drink coffee; tea, milk, Coca-Cola, beer, liquor and various wine and so on. Venezuelans have a dinner toast each other’s habits, according to local customs, guests have to wait for the owner to toast after toast.

Venezuela is a Spanish-style city building plan, the city’s district are mostly high-rise buildings, luxury residential, there are slums. Rural house style more, some two beautiful buildings, some with brick and cement built bungalows, some huts. Venezuelans are generally lively, frank enthusiasm. When you first intercourse with them, they will give you a talk forever and “Meet cooked” feeling. No matter who you are dealing with or ask them for help, they will help solve the problem and try to keep you warm and satisfied. Their personalities are very similar with the dress, Venezuelans usually wearing more casual. On formal occasions, men and women wearing suits, shoes. Indian clothing style variety, they rarely wear a suit.

In Venezuela, a friend when they meet each other and shook hands and exchanged greetings. Close friends, met when they hug and kiss on the cheek. Respectively, when equally. Venezuelans attaches great importance to the title when they meet that pay attention to decent appellation, which means that
respect for others is a basic etiquette requirements. General appellation is Mr. and Mrs., Miss. In diplomatic occasions, any female in Venezuela can be called “Lady.” Venezuelans pay greater attention to their titles, generally in front of administrative duties call or academic titles. A guest invited to the Venezuelan people, preferably prior to the hostess to take some presents, and afterwards should resent a thank you note. See friends and send gifts to each other, the men like a friend had brought a pen or other office supplies. For the ladies concerned, give them a bouquet of orchids, is no better gift, because orchid is the national flower of Venezuela, it symbolizes the pristine warm friendship. Business negotiations, to be set in advance “absolutely” necessary, Venezuela is a need to notify each other before the arrival of the few Latin American countries. Venezuelan businessmen in general, very busy, and do business as sharply. If you want to continue to talk about the use of mealtime, may recommend to the dinner party. Lunch unfashionable to talk about things in Venezuela.

Venezuelans taboo “13” and “Friday”; think this is bad luck number and date, will bring disaster and misfortune. They disgust peacock, that it will bring misfortune. Once you see it, it will upset a few days. Where and peacock-related things, such as the peacock design, peacock took off, even the
peacock’s feathers, have been regarded as an ominous thing. Avoid them to the sword for the ceremony with gifts, because it means friendship cut. They generally do not like rich food; does not eat butter dessert, do not like to eat pears.

To engage in business activities in Venezuela, Caracas January-June 9-November visited the most desirable, and Maracaibo March to June is best Christmas and Easter around two weeks should be avoided. February’s carnival week should be avoided. The two major cities, water security. Other places
to drink bottled water only.

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