Uruguay customs

Uruguay mostly urban architecture building, with Spanish-style, with Italian-style. Rural houses multi-purpose grass and mud was constructed, there are brick houses. Uruguayans mostly descendants of Spaniards and Italians, open personality, passionate romantic, very fond of singing and dancing. Long
before the famous tango is from Uruguay and other Latin American countries, the first pop open. Residents usually wear a suit on formal occasions, usually dressed very casually. Uruguay urban and rural residents is the main food of rice, corn, bread, vegetables, eggs, citrus, lemon and so on. Useful for the production of sugar cane liquor beverages, wines, there are also imported from Italy grappa. Common drink Coca-Cola, soda and water. Uruguay Ke Lieda town has a unique life and customs. They are unmarried woman wearing a hat as the exclusive power. Women, once married, they can not continue to wear a hat. If for special reasons have to wear, they can only wear colored hat. Uruguayans prefer jasmine and pink hawthorn flowers, consider these flowers add a nice to people, to bring a fresh breath of life.

Uruguayans usually Western-based. Breakfast mostly bread, milk, cereal, eggs based. Lunch usually eat a sandwich, milk, coffee and canned food; dinner most of the more seriously. Generally more fish, meat and vegetables. Uruguayan beef as the main meat. Uruguay size rotisserie street everywhere, you can taste authentic Uruguayan barbecue. Uruguayan barbecue, with Brazil is different, using fruit baked on the grill, unique flavor. Uruguayans Chinese food is also very interesting. They are accustomed to Western-style tableware, cutlery dominated by the Chinese chopsticks have a sense of freshness. Uruguayans likes to drink mate, going to carry, walking and drinking. Can often be seen on the beach side of the sun, a cup of tea for visitors.

Uruguayans met with foreign guests, even the initial exchanges are active greeting, shaking hands,greeting greetings. Like other American countries, most Uruguayans call is used to meet Mr. and Mrs. (or called Mrs.), for unmarried young men and women can be called Master and Miss. Uruguayan favorite call each other administrative duties or academic positions. Guests can also use foreign call plus administrative or academic positions, such as “Mr. President,” “Dr. sir” and so on. Uruguayans went to dinner, or to other parties, should bring cakes, wine and other gifts. The door of access to public places, men in general women should be allowed access; give women serving at the banquet, to show respect for women. Uruguayans meet in social situations with customers or farewell, generally shake hands for the ceremony. When you meet with friends and family, there are also facilities embrace ceremony habits. People meet for the first time, usually say mucho gusto (glad meet), when talking to the two sides should stand very close. Typically when they meet a man hug, then kiss each cheek between women. Close friends may arm in arm counterparts. Visitors do not call each other by name, unless the, other requirements of the case. Uruguayan dinner mostly in 9,10 points after more general formal dinner at midnight until the end. Uruguayans, such as dinner, because many do not keep for dinner, you need patience. Uruguayans go home to visit, guests usually first with a brief speech courtesy greetings to the owner, and then request permission to enter the house. Appropriate topic is family, sports, current events, and weather, as well as Uruguayan football proud.

Best not to talk about politics. Uruguayans taboo “13” and “Friday.” They think that “13” and “Friday” will bring misfortune or disaster. Therefore, people usually are trying to evade “13” and “Friday.” They do not like to involve political aspects of the topic. They taboo colors of cyan, cyan means that on the eve of the darkness and give people a feeling of depression is a very depressed or unlucky color. They have also been taboo in the diet, do not like to eat exotic shapes and amphibians aquatic animal flesh.

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