Part of UK grape wine will be packed in plastic material

British supermarket giant Sainsbury will begin to change before laying on the shelf plastic packaging wine, worth £ 4.99 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and value of £ 3.99 will be the first in Australia rose wine with this lightweight recyclable material (raw material is polyethylene terephthalate B glycol esters, or so-called PET) packaging. If the trial is successful, then the British government-backed Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) will be extended for other wines.

Following Australia’s largest wine exporters WolfBass Recommend PET packaging, the British government gave rise to the idea. WolfBass plastic bottle of wine shelves in Canada last year, a few weeks later, WolfBass value £ 7.49 Green Label Chardonnay (GreenLabelchardonnay) and Cabernet Naxi La will be available in the UK.

Traditional glass weighing about 400 grams, and 54 g of PET packaging, only the glass 1/8 weight. Sainsbury said it will replace the plastic glass has many benefits, ‘new plastic bottle of wine and glass bottles of wine seem indistinguishable, equal capacity, without affecting the taste of wine.
Consumers not only brought to light, and the summer picnic and barbecue are also a lot easier. UK annual consumption of about 10 million bottles of wine, the light on the use of glass bottles by 50 million tons. In accordance with the WRAP statement, using the lightest packaging materials to replace glass bottles, can be reduced by about 90,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Expensive wine may not use plastic packaging, but wine experts think that Dangjiu will increasingly use plastic mounted wine. Because of cheap wine has been used for plastic packaging, so consumers there may be thinking, but that plastic packaging is inferior wine. But manufacturers are convinced that consumers will overcome the resistance of the plastic bottles, as they have understood the plastic screw cap and cork stopper with the same effect.

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