The Bulgarian business etiquette

Just simple and no heavy makeup&dress
Republic of Bulgaria
First, the origins of country names
The Republic of Bulgaria “Bulgaria”.
The name of Bulgaria Bulgarian national name. Bulgarian is composed of Turkic tribes from the north shore of the Black Sea guaranteed tierga people from Yugoslavia. They unite against a common enemy, defeated the Byzantine Empire aggression, forcing the Byzantine emperor in the year 681 and they signed a contract to admit Bulgaria is an independent country. September 15, 1946, the People’s Republic of Bulgaria was proclaimed; November 15, 1990 was renamed the Republic of Bulgaria.

Second, the location
Bulgaria is located in the eastern part of the South-Eastern Europe Balkans. Bounded on the north by Romania, south of Turkey, Greece, west of Yugoslavia, the Black Sea to the east.

Third, the main profile
Bulgarian National area of ​​11.0912 million square kilometers. Eight main ethnic groups, of which the vast majority of Bulgarian. Bulgaria country is divided into 27 states and one municipality. The capital of Sofia. The currency is the Lev. The official language is Bulgarian.

Fourth, social customs
The general characteristics of the social customs of the Bulgarians can use these words to summarize:
Bulgarian refreshing, humor, optimism tell the truth;
Living above is simple, generally not heavy to wear and wear;
Everyone loves roses, the symbol of wisdom teaser love;
“Nod” Yibiao “do not agree”, “shaking his head” agreed “Do not see outside;
Traditional etiquette, civility, politeness pass from generation to generation.
On the details of life has the following characteristics:

Bulgarians generally do not wear very particular about their principles are simple and affordable, and strive to comfort and convenience. Dinner guests, they are generally accustomed to guests seated first. The sake of courtesy, they let the guests sitting beside the elderly dining together. In this case, guests generally not declined; Otherwise, we will live up to the owner of a warm and sincere mind. If guests do for some reason can not be invited to dinner, you should apologize and say, “Please eat, and then leave. Their concept of time is strong, on time appointments accustomed to. They think that it is a matter of courtesy. They interact with foreign guests the language barrier, the love in sign language, the first language to express your intentions. However, some of them by way of expression and our habits are very different, as they “agree” or “license” meaning shook his head, said “no” when they nod. Bulgarian man carrying a walking stick style peculiar habits. Young people to use the cane is generally very small, officials and businessmen with the cane is generally coarse.

Bulgaria’s rural people, strange beliefs, they generally sneezing as a sign of good luck. Especially if anyone in the New Year sneezing, householder always a lamb, a calf or a foal reward to the first sneeze. Reward him for themselves, but also to bring the gospel to others. They love roses, and hailed as the “king of flowers”, and Venus was born, so commonly roses symbolize love. It is also its beautiful flowers, a symbol of hard work and wisdom of their own nation, prick it all over the body, a symbol of perseverance and bravery of their own nation.

Five etiquette

Bulgarians in official occasions meet with the guests, are generally used to Shi handshake. Their family and friends between each other, usual and customary facilities embrace the ceremony and kiss. Bulgarian woman, especially respected man, generally applied to curtsy, and at the same time reach out to each other, so that the other facilities kiss on the hand.

6, beliefs taboo

Bulgarian Christian, Protestant 38%, Orthodox 26.5%, Muslim l0.6%. They abstain from the number “13” and “Friday”. “13” Xiongshen, “Friday” and “13” Encounter more frightening, because it symbolizes the catastrophe imminent. They attach great importance to civilized behavior, especially taboo was issued in the dining chew food sound. This is disgraceful, is a very unsightly action. They do not want to involve in a conversation with the guests chat to domestic political and social conditions, and other topics.

Bulgaria’s Muslim fasting diet of pork and pig products, taboo to talk about the pig.

7, eating habits

Bulgarian lunch, breakfast and dinner is relatively simple, but they used to have soup, lunch, soup do not, but the amount of food. They like spicy food, like to drink yogurt breakfast, dinner drink black tea. They welcome the ideal food is one of the roasted pumpkin (its production method Peel the pumpkin into pieces and baked in the oven, sprinkle with sugar and nuts and serve).
Bulgarians are generally Western-based, has a strong interest in Chinese food.
Bulgarians on the eating habits has the following characteristics:
a focus on particular about affordable low-cost, pay attention to the large amount of delicious dishes.
b taste Kouzhong, hi salty, happy greasy, eat hot and sour taste.
c staple food to pasta, bread and scones are the their favorite main food, rice is also spice up the food.
d non-staple food like pork, beef, mutton, fish, shrimp, chicken, ham, pepperoni, cheese, eggs, sea cucumbers and a variety of intestines; vegetables, sweet peppers, pickles, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin, bell pepper, cabbage, peas etc.; seasoning love with onion, garlic, tomato sauce, chili powder, pepper.
e system of law, grilled, fried, roasting, frying and other cooking methods produced food preference.
f Chinese food love Chinese Cantonese, Sichuan, Beijing cuisine.
g recipes appreciate Assorted platter, shrimp paste mushrooms, braised sea cucumber, braised results fish, dry pomfret, spicy pork, soft fried chicken balls, tomato meat, roast duck slices, cream cabbage, Kung Pao Chicken, Crispy Chicken , fried shrimp, pineapple duck dishes.
h Shuijiu drink beer, mineral water, coffee, yogurt, black tea their usual drinks.
i love to eat pineapple, lemon, grapes, apples, watermelon, oranges and other fruits fruit; dried fruit eat peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts.

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