The Albania Business Etiquette

Republic of Albania

First, the origins of country names

Republic of Albania, referred to as “Albania”, is the name of the ethnic group named countries. According to legend, the the local Albanian earliest tribal “Al the country name” Albert “, meaning” white “(referring to the snowy winter). Otherwise the “Albania” is interpreted as the “Mountain State,” meaning. Some people believe that the son of the “Eagle” Eagle of the country “, is the name of the nation and the State. January 11, 1946, the Constituent Assembly officially announced the establishment of the People’s Republic of Albania. December 1976 was renamed the the Albanian Socialist People’s Republic. April 26, 1991 the People’s Assembly decided to once again changed its name to the Republic of Albania.

Second, the location

Albania is located in South-Eastern Europe Western Balkans. North, east then Yugoslavia, southeast neighbor Greece, the west by the Adriatic and Ionian sea with Italy blocking the Strait of Otranto.

Third, the main profile

Albanian national area of ​​2.8748 million square kilometers. A population of 3,000,000 (1986). 6 main ethnic Albanian accounted for 96.4% of the country’s population, the rest of Greeks, Yugoslavs and Roma (Gypsy) family. The country is divided into 26 administrative districts and municipalities directly under the Central Government in Tirana. Capital Tirana. The currency is the lek. The official language is Albanian.

Fourth, social customs

The general characteristics of the Albanian social customs can be summed up with these words:

Albanian nationals, has always been very respected;

Social accustomed to frank heart, pay attention to the courtesy pro;

Worship Eagle Feng national bird and symbol of national soul as its;

Civil color preference, think white Katsumi God;

Man wearing strange, decorative tattooing white pleated skirt.

On the details of life has the following characteristics:

Albanian character, fortitude, simple and refreshing, hi junction friends, carefully frank, warm, conscientious and friendly way, pay attention to courtesy. The Albanian Eagle has deep feelings. Fortitude and courage Eagle is the national symbol of Albania, the pride of the people. Therefore, people have respect for the Eagle as the national bird. Action gestures and habits of our country to express their intent is very different. Mean they agreed with shaking his head, nodded expression does not agree. They most love the white color that white symbolizes happiness and bright color is a sign of beauty. As a result, many men are particularly wearing a multilayered white pleated skirt. White symbol of good luck, pleated skirt more level, which means that the higher the social status, property more.

Albanian folk extremely sun worship. They selected a year after the first spring pastoral manual labor on a sunny sunny day that this will bring a bumper crop; mountain girl’s engagement ceremony election to be held in the morning after sunrise that morning sun is the girl future fate of a happy married life, a symbol of life together

Five etiquette

The Albanian social occasions to meet with the guests, generally handshake etiquette. Meet with friends, but also with the to embrace ritual and veneer ceremony.

6, beliefs taboo

Albania 1976 Constitution stipulates that the state does not recognize any religion. Albanian “13” number of taboo. Generally regard the “13” number as an ominous number that it will bring bad luck or disaster. In the diet, they generally do not like to eat braised, boiled and vegetables with the juice. Not used to eating pork, a significant number of people not eat pork.

7, eating habits

Albanian generally like to eat mutton; love with butter cook; also very interested in the hard-boiled eggs. They used to eat Western food, Chinese food dishes are also very happy to taste. Generally knife and fork for eating tools, Chinese chopsticks are not used to.

Albanian hobby in the diet has the following characteristics:

(1) pay attention to pay attention to the diverse multi-flavored dishes, focusing on the foot of dishes affordable amount.

② taste tastes generally do not like salty, love sour, spicy.

(3) staple food practices to the bread staple food, fried rice, mixed rice, sweet cream.

④ non-staple food to eat lamb, beef, poultry, eggs, etc.; vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, etc.; spices love with white vinegar, black pepper, chili powder.

(5) system on the fried, fried, grilled cooking method produced food preference.

(6) Chinese food love Chinese Halal, Jin Choi and Sichuan.

The ⑦ recipes appreciate assorted platter, mixed with cucumber jellyfish, burning leg of lamb meat, kebabs, Fen beef, caramelized apple, crispy chicken, roasted whole lamb, chicken meatball soup, tomato thrown fruit soup dishes.

The ⑧ Shuijiu like to drink beer and spicy wine; dinner drink orange juice, ice water, coffee or ice cream, ice cream.

The ⑨ fruit like to eat the fruit of the pineapple, grapes, apples, bananas; dried fruit sweet tea uncooked rice, almonds

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