Steps of opening grape wine

You need to pay attention to those points when you pay a visit.

We would often encounter the occasion of drinking wine, here we introduced the following steps to open wine:

Grape Wine

Grape Wine

1 bottle prominent circle, along with a knife to remove the cover with a cloth to wipe clean the bottle.
Bottle opener spiral into the center of the cork, slowly transferred, such as butterfly-shaped bottle  opener, when the spirochete gradually into the cork, on both sides of the handle will rise gradually, peaked when the handle, gently of them is pressed down, pull out the cork. The handle is pressed down to the other end of claws can hold back the bottle, and then slowly raise the handle, cork Sierra. Open bottle cork fracture, two clip bottle opener cork folder.

2, open the champagne sparkling wine.
Champagne bottle shaking, foam spraying out of the open method, is the dramatic effect of the celebration party, a waste of not professional.

The formal opening of the following method:
Tear the foil wrapper. One hand holding the cork in one hand and turn on the barbed wire fixed in the cork. Bottle slightly tilted outward, but not against the people. First-hand still holding the cork with one hand and slowly rotate the bottle. Note to control cork-drawn / pop sound, the quieter the better. The pressure inside the bottle than bottle, sometimes the cork will pop up, it is never to put his hand on the cork, avoid pop wounding.

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