Personality charm of textile design in home decoration

An increasing number of textile enterprises to brand building and corporate culture in an important position , trying to drive the development of corporate culture through cultural products and, therefore, formed their own brand of different styles in order to improve their competitiveness in the industry ‘s . However, the style is not equal personality, with the constant competition between enterprises, between enterprises and their products are getting smaller differences , big brand products become smaller brands to emulate the style object chase , weakening the big brands personality characteristics in the market, and even the original product personalization becomes popular , forcing the big brands in the development of new products continued to increase efforts and innovation , in order to maintain their brand ‘s personality style. In addition, the continuous improvement of people’s housing conditions , personalized home design showing a diversified development trend , which is the textile design is also facing new challenges diversified , personalized design , in order to respond to market changes meet the purchasing needs of consumers.

Personalized product design is always accompanied by innovative products to complete, innovative products and reflected in all aspects of the product, in particular aspects of product design, innovation can best reflect the personalized features of the product is also reflected in the design of most of these a link. Although the market has a lot of brands to provide consumers with different styles of products, but also reflects the personality of each brand’s design , but the style is still far been unable to meet the individual needs of consumers, which requires companies to tap consumers demand for space and product design space , good design vision to develop their own products from different angles and in different areas, to seek out their own products style charm.

Looking at the development process of modern textile design , textile design and personalized artistic trends closely , artistic trends in different periods of the formation of different textile design style, artistic trends of the development of the textile personalized design styles play a catalytic role.

Such as: the rise in the late 19th and early 20th century “New Art ” movement , launched throughout Europe Art Deco span of nearly 30 years, the Art Nouveau movement arising directly affect textile design style, but also changing the time home decor style and form distinct personality characteristics. Which William Morris Art Deco is a typical representative of personality , he designed textiles, wallpaper pattern established an unprecedented style , its graceful lines, mostly taken from the stalk , buds , vines and other natural , with a body curve , which kinds of lines constitute the entire final form unique Art Nouveau style and the practical impact of art and design almost the entire 20th century , Maurice style became highly personalized style of representation in textile design.

Another trend influenced by the art of textile personality style is represented Dufy tricks, Raul Dufy in the 20th century as the representative of one of Matisse ” Fauvism ” The main members. ” Fauvism ” color emphasizes the subjective emotional performance that color should be based on subjective feelings and needs to deal with. Dufy ‘s textile prints without frame free-spirited , free from the shackles of the original design , dyeing and weaving patterns have changed in the realist style , the first use of Impressionism and Fauvism impressionistic approach, concise bold strokes , arbitrary sway flat painted color, bold outline of dry brush , then smooth flowing lines sketched out freehand pen outline , interpretation of Fauvism plot , becoming one of today’s major textile design style .

In the 1960s, influenced by the pop art trend , the famous Finnish brand MarimekkoR unique printing, full tones popular in Europe and America for 30 years, has consistently uphold confidence in casual style , to bring quality of life of people’s lives , colors, and infinite joy. Especially the classic Marimekko pattern unikko, the brand ‘s chief designer Maija Isola by the fabric of the throbbing in southern Spain when traveling and creation of a strong Nordic expressed fascination for the splendid scenery , and this fascination has successfully transformed into marimekko lovers enamored of its brand , unikko has become a sign of marimekko , unikko from the late 1960s until today, the heat increasing, product individuality glance. As can be seen , in different periods of artistic trends showing their unique personality charm, in close connection with the creation of the artist’s personality and character design for the textile market has brought new vitality.

With the advent of the information age , communication and communication design is more extensive , modern design also affects other areas of textile design and rich style, especially the modern design trends and fashion trends more quickly influenced textile style features . Under the influence of today’s new design trend of aestheticism , a pioneer of modern European and American designers for some textile products design, graphic design style will bring their textile design, textile design interpretation with their professional perspective and angle , resulting in a distinctive style features .

In Los Angeles to work as a graphic designer and visual artist Geoff Mcfetridge, by changing the details of the idea , with the most simple language so that the color pattern of moving. His fabric design from a distance, like a huge abstract painting , but near term, you can find a wealth of spatial variation . Each part of the pattern is intricately woven together , expand open, you can feel the vitality hidden pattern .

Graphic designer in London, England Hanna Merning think both graphic design and design patterns can be conceptual , but in doing graphic design , she tended simply to carry out a visual perspective , the fabric used in the design of her flowers animal and design concepts , combined with a unique color and morphology of the hippocampus, pigs, butterflies, deer and other animals unusual integration, but does not form any visual discomfort .

Born in the Netherlands , settled in London Tord Boontje is today leading figures in the field of design and crafts , magic and romance that he tried to penetrate the product beyond its function , especially his silhouette design personality affects a large number of modern designers, the home he designed the fabric has a unique personality, to become typical of today’s fashion .

The advancement of technology is the driving force of the development of the textile industry, innovative technology can not only bring design innovation, and promote the idea of constantly updated design and create favorable conditions for a personalized design.

The design shown above , the use of transfer printing technology breakthroughs , the effect of rendering the landscape photographs of the bedding in the design , photo realistic effects such as textile design nineties of the last century has brought a fresh breath , became a style full of personality .

The design of the figure is a design concept changed in the past , the use of bold composition and pattern processing means , and previous silhouette style pattern in stark contrast , highlights the distinct personality characteristics. Bedding design in the hotel , it seems as if the design does not require too personalized , hotel bedding difference is very small , the hotel ‘s general pursuit of bedding style is very similar , it is difficult to describe with a personalized design hotel bedding designs. However , in December 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark HOTEL FOX downtown hotel designed to subvert the people’s Hotel Bedding design concept. In order to meet the public (VOLKSWAGEN) for its new models FOX promotional models , Volkswagen launched a PROJECT FOX activity. Pop art around the world convened elite , including urban artists, graphic designer , illustrator , etc. , they are cutting-edge trend figures . Invited 21 artists and designers arbitrary imagination , participated in the Fox Hotel , Club
61 rooms and studios , such as design . The hotel’s interior from the formation of ideas to the final completion of the entire project in just four months time will transform an ordinary hotel designed by artists happiness and freedom around the world unique ” art hotel .” Design of each room is different, hotel bedding design and space design complement each other, fully demonstrate the author’s unique artistic personality.

PROJET FOX ‘s success, I believe that the arts and pop business has great inspiration for our textile design concept is also a touch.

Whether from fashion design to textile design, graphic design or from the space design, DIY (Do It Yourself, Design It Yourself) has become the most direct means of personalized design, DIY enable consumers to express their own original designs or preferences, that meet their creative fun , but also enrich and strengthen the home ‘s personality characteristics. Following two graphs is the use of hand- stencil printing method, color and composition can be adjusted , it is difficult to achieve mass production. Currently, DIY approach can be carried out according to their expertise, but also a variety of alternative ways , embroidery, quilting, hand-painted, so a variety of digital printing processes are more easily able to complete their design ideas, which will personalize design into the living space, adding the spice of life.

Now, home furnishings and personalized in life is increasingly strengthened out , because of the charm of character design is increasingly being accepted by consumers, it requires each brand to create their own style and personality on the road constantly explore, find out their own brand of style and personality language and continue to improve.

On textile products, unique personality does not mean it does not mean to some people, services and lack of marketability, on the contrary, that we need to continue to explore mining companies brand style and dynamic personality and charm to create a brand like marimekko the unikko like to be accepted by the public and market textile products, textile identify the language for their own brand of style personality.

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