Norway Business Etiquette

Kingdom of Norway

First, the origins of country names
Kingdom of Norway referred to as “Norway”.
The word “Norway”, which is about the 9th century. Meaning “Path to the North, the Northern Sea Route. “Norway” is in Scandinavia industry Peninsula North Shore, it was the ancient Scandinavians called “Nuo Erwei, and later gradually evolved into” Norway “. Transliteration from English. In accordance with the pronunciation of the modern Norwegian, Norway “should be translated as” Norgay. May 17, 1914 through constitutional provisions Norway hereditary constitutional monarchy, set the date for the National Day.

Second, the location
Norway in Scandinavia west of the peninsula, the west by the Norwegian Sea, east of Sweden, south across the Skagerrak Denmark across the north of Finland and the Russian Federation.

Third, the main profile
Norway area of ??38.6958 million square kilometers (including Svalbard Islands, Jan Mayen are). A population of 4,159,000 (1986). Norway, a few Rapp and in northern Finland tribe. Norway sub-county and municipal levels, the country is divided into 19 counties. Oslo, the capital. The currency is the “krone”. The official language is Norwegian.

Fourth, social customs
The Norwegian social practices general characteristics can be summarized with these words: Norwegian guests heart is very small, each actual character;
Born with a sense of humor, gives the impression of not withdrawn; Attitude of others is extremely loyal Ken civilization warm and kindly; Emphasis on etiquette and courtesy, good to make friends talk about friendship; Brown women Nick Love, Volkswagen, like red, blue, green.
On the details of life has the following characteristics:
Norwegians are known for their hospitality. As long as the visit, they always filled with enthusiasm to entertain guests, the purpose is to make the guests happy and satisfied. Their strong sense of time, the total time for an appointment, that this is a social etiquette. Talk to each other, they always used to distance a little farther away, it is best to 1.2 meters away. Nick love red the most popular, especially in the red clothes. Girl’s coat, children’s ski jacket is red is red, and even most of the man’s felt hat trim. It is widely believed the red give people a warm feeling. The Norwegian women brown feelings is extremely deep. Generally are willing to recognize their skin and trying to turn brown. They are often use brown to decorate their own, and comparable to each other. They like green and blue, that the green symbol of good luck, blue symbolizes OK. They like Heather, Heather along with their lives, and give them a feeling of beauty. Heather has been hailed as the national flower. Their favorite river birds. That the river bird symbol of human freedom, and brought joy to the people. Therefore, people respect it as the national bird.

Norwegian social occasions to meet the guests, customary to shake hands for the ceremony. Friends meet, often for the ceremony to embrace; woman meet, but also often to paste the cheek for the ceremony. Title and greetings. Norway is more cautious than Americans, less familiar with your name basis.
Appointments on time. Norwegian business people in strict compliance with the time. If you are unable to fulfill their appointments, the phone call is canceled or rescheduled.Not during the Easter holidays (10 days) after the Palm Sunday, July or early August to go to Norway for commercial travel.
Hospitality and gifts
Invited to the Norwegian guest house, with flowers, chocolate like a small gift to the hostess.
Norway for drunk driving very strict law enforcement, social gatherings usually designate someone as the driver, who do not drink at all banquet.
Usually avoid talking about personal issues such as career, working and social status.
Appropriate topic Hobby, politics, sports and travel.

Six, beliefs taboo
Norwegian Lutheran Church Protestant (Lutheran), teach Norwegian State Church; There are a small number of Catholics.
Norwegian people do not want others to say in their own work, wages and social status. That these things are all a personal matter, you do not need others to intervene and intervention. They abstain from “13” and “Friday”. These are the numbers and dates of the “bad luck” and “disaster”, is extremely disgusting. They abstain from mutual cross handshake or cross-talk. That the cross-Qing style handshake or cross-talk is impolite behavior. They abstain from someone to drink and drive, especially car drivers more attention, and strongly opposed to drinking drivers. Norway sun illumination time is very short, only a year to enjoy the sun in July and August is the golden season. So, people come to their office within two months things will not be too enthusiastic, because disturb people enjoying the sunshine, the best time. Prototype shrimp seafood taboo in prototype shrimp cooked many people do not like to eat, but processing and then cooked dishes, some people still prefer to eat.

Seven, eating habits
Norwegian Christmas, many people like to dip with dried fish cooked in salt water after eating. Norway’s Sami people of bushmeat, venison and fish for food, love venison marinated meat, to prepare for year-round consumption. Sami people drink is a deer’s milk-based.
Western-based, the customary knife and fork cutlery, most of them are willing to taste Chinese food.
Norwegian eating habits has the following characteristics:
(1) pay attention to pay attention to the dishes fragrant, crisp, pay attention to the quality of the dishes.
② general taste flavors do not like salty, acid love, sweet.
(3) staple food of rice, pasta can adapt; generally eat fried buns, fried rice, wood rice.
④ non-staple food to eat beef, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, ham; vegetables, sweet potatoes, rape, cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower, mushrooms; spices love tomato sauce, curry powder, pepper, vinegar.
(5) preparation method for baking, frying, frying and other cooking methods produced food preference.
⑥ Chinese food like Jin dish., Beijing cuisine.
(7) recipes very much appreciate the cold platter, barbecue, fried spinach, eggs, fried eggplant box, tomato beef, grilled cabbage rolls, pot package of meat, fried chicken, dried fish, cooked shrimp section cuisine.
⑧ Shuijiu like after dinner drink beer, soft drinks, mineral water or ice cream also love to taste, sooner or later generally used to drink coffee, but also likes to drink tea and Jasmine scented tea.
⑨ fruit Norway people like Guoguangpingguo, oranges, oranges, strawberry; eat dried fruit such as raisins, almonds.

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