Netherlands Business Etiquette

First, the origins of country names
Kingdom of the Netherlands referred to as “Dutch”. “Dutch” is a term evolved from the Germanic Huote Lan. Meaning “forest land”. Kingdom of the Netherlands “is” the Kingdom of the Netherlands “. “Ned” meaning “low”, “blue”, “local”, “national” meaning. Which means “the lowlands of the country” (because of its territory of nearly a quarter of the land is below sea level). 1815 formally established the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Second, the location
The Netherlands is located in the western part of Europe. East of the Federal Republic of Germany, south of Belgium, North west by the North Sea.

Third, the main profile
Dutch national area of ​​4.1473 million square kilometers. A population of 14,529,400 (1986). Dutch

Second, there is the Flemish people, Friis.
The Netherlands country is divided into 12 provinces, under the provincial area. Capital Amsterdam. The currency is the guilder. The official language is Dutch, speak of Feilisilan Province Frisian.

Fourth, social customs
The general characteristics of the Dutch social customs can use these words to sum it up: The Netherlands nationals hi novelty, conscientious speak efficiency; exchanges flattery words, others do not want to mess picky; Hi flower love Scarecrow is well known, the “Garden State” reputation; Windmills, as a national treasure, the benefit of mankind beneficial; “13”, “Friday” unlucky, so that everyone abhors.
On the details of life has the following characteristics: Dutch concept of time is very strong. They attach great importance to a variety of social activities, pay attention to the Lutheran dating, and the good habit of punctual for appointments. They think that it is a social politeness. The Dutch especially like to listen to the compliment their guests, especially their furniture, artwork,rugs and home furnishings. In case of face-to-face boast a few of the items that will make it feel especially happy. Windmill regarded as national treasures. Windmill that is, their drainage, grinding and
sawing wood processing tools, and special crafts with ornamental value, or are they used to pass a variety of information and feelings of special machines: if they windmill placed into a cross, which means that This windmill is waiting for the employer door. Funeral procession through the windmill, the windmill will immediately stop turning, to show mourned; May of each year on the second Saturday of Windmill Day, all of the country’s windmills will start rotating in order for visitors to watch. They are fond of flowers. Their party decoration flowers very much appreciate. Because their country “Garden State” reputation. Whether in town or on the street, be seen everywhere in the beautiful scene of a variety of flowers. Their favorite tulips, and Yu as the national flower. People not only use it to make decorations, and that friendship is the best gift of flowers. The city of Alkmaar, the Netherlands, most men like the beard, people are proud of for the United States to the beard, general beard were tested letters of the alphabet V-shaped, to show masculinity. On the contrary, the beard man to this city, that is vulnerable to the discrimination of the local residents. Dutch appreciation for others “great minds” of the is often finger knock temple.

Five etiquette
Dutch official occasions meet with the guests, the usual and customary handshake. Mostly used to meet with friends Yi Shi hug the ceremony. When you meet with the intimate friendship, it was also applied to the kiss (usually a kiss on the cheeks).
General etiquette
You do not have to give the taxi driver tip.
Title and greetings
The formal exchange of letters use the title title; informal in other cases. To meet shook hands with the presence of people, including children.

Appointments on time
Management is not to be booked in advance a date and time for your appointment.

Hospitality and gifts
Send flowers, chocolates or a similar ceremony is the local customs. The most popular novel gift. The gift should be carefully packaged. Do not put other food products as a gift. Before or after the first sip of wine to toast.

The Dutch like people to praise their furniture, works of art, carpets and other furnishings. Should avoid the topic: politics, money and prices. Appropriate topic: Dutch politics, travel and sports.

6, beliefs taboo
The Dutch major religions believe in the Catholic and Protestant. Catholics accounted for one-third of the country’s population is slightly more; Protestants accounted for less than a third. They taboo “13”, “Friday”. They believe that the “13” a symbol of bad luck, “Friday” a symbol of disaster. Taboo cross-handshake and cross-talk. Think these are very impolite behavior. Their dealings with each other, do notwant to talk about the issues, money and prices in the United States. The Dutch Old Town be regarded as a “mysterious woman in the village. The women here are disgusted with modern facilities and equipment, as well as social trends, even said that abomination. In addition, they especially do not like others to their photos.
Netherlands taboo someone asked about their religious beliefs, wages, marriage smoke conditions, personal whereabouts. They think that private matters do not need others to intervene. They drink coffee the taboo cup filling the. They see filling the rude behavior and poor upbringing, that can only be down to two-thirds of the cup appropriate.

7, eating habits
Dutch breakfast and lunch requirements, attention to dinner, in general they are used to have something to drink before a meal. Their eating habits using napkins; condiments on the table to have. Their national dish is not delicacies, but carrots, potatoes and onions mixed cooking “Huicai. This is said to commemorate the history of previous memorable, it was hailed as a national dish.
Dutch eating habits has the following characteristics:
(1) pay attention to pay attention to tender and fresh dishes, focusing on the dish, and quantity, high quality.
② taste in general do not like salty, and sweet and sour taste.
The ③ staple food to pasta, also love to eat rice. Cream, fried rice, fried rice, Steamed Rolls, fried noodles are very interested.
④ non-staple food to eat pork, lamb, beef, chicken, ham, sausage, cheese, eggs, etc.; vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, peas, peppers, etc.; love seasoning with salt, pepper, and tomato sauce .
(5) made of fried, fried, roasting, frying and other cooking methods produced food preference.
⑥ China’s Jiangsu cuisine, Cantonese Chinese food favorite.
(7) recipes admire mixed lettuce, roast suckling pig, tomato sauce, shrimp, squirrel mandarin fish, fried
shrimp row, kebabs, fried shrimp box of money, pot roast chicken, barbecued pork, fish cake, Sweet  and sour pork, egg flower hot and sour soup and other dishes.
⑧ watery liquor drink beer; also very fond of soft drinks, mineral water, yogurt drinks; tea, black tea is the species of interest to them.
⑨ love to eat grapes, apples, pineapple, lemon, citrus and other fruit; dried fruit eat almonds, walnuts, raisins, etc.

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