Manufacture creative products in low cost

Every entrepreneur knows the truth that win the highest profit by the lowest cost. Thus, how many people realize it? How many entrepreneur think out to use the waste goods to manufacture creative products to gain benefits in such low cost?

With the  heat discussion of environmental issue,  recycling goods is a good choice for us though few people really make it into practise.

Have you ever considered a question? Why a common product can sell in a high price? Except the material, design occupies a largest amount. To recreate and redesign for those waste goods with good material will manufacture another works. Actually, those works are always popular.

Let’s take a look at the waste goods and see how they become after redesigning.

If put this antelope under a piece of special light, do you think it is a real one? Have you changed your mind from vision?  Is the price of finished redesigned product equal to the material (waste goods)? You will reply rapidly, “No!”

Recycle the waste and manufacture into creative products as antelope mold

Antelope mold made by waste goods

Have you had any jar full of candies? And you have already eaten over your candies. Do you prepare to throw away the jar? Oh, don’t make decision immediately. Wash and clean your jar. Make some decors by cloth or other accessories to let your jar become a cute and delicate vase. After your decoration, do you want to get rid of it?

Creative flower vase made by waste candy jar

Creative flower vase made by waste candy jar

I just listed two daily examples. Actually, life miracles are always everywhere in our life. As long as we dare to imagine, as long as we dare to make, you could make hundreds of creative works. If you own a small-scale business, you want to expand. That’s not impossible. If you have not had enough capital, you want to do a big business, that’s not impossible. Try to manufacture creative products by recycling waste goods.

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