Sales of Malaysian garment industry is affected by its currency problems

Malaysia Importers and Suppliers garment wholesale fine brother Hung Presidency noted the recent weak ringgit direct import and export business in the country caused by the impact of the garment industry, coupled with the new government after the national elections did not introduce new economic program and Malaysia’s increasingly corrupt policing, indirect resulted in the (2013) in Ramadan apparel market sales decreased by approximately 20%.

Hung president added that, with the rapid development of technology, the network will become the garment industry in the future sales trends.

At present, many countries, including the U.S., China and Taiwan all have a good Internet systematic trade market; including apparel website provides convenience and courier services, the opposite tendency Malaysian market is still the traditional tailors marketing mode.

The Guild will like online shopping system project planning and organizing seminars to disseminate to peers more relevant knowledge and promote reform.

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