Macedonia Customs

Republic of Macedonia (The Republic of Macedonia) referred to Macedonia, an area of 25,713 square kilometers, 2,022,547 people (2002 statistics), which accounts for about 64.18% Macedonian, Albanian accounting for 25.17%, other ethnic Turks , Romany and Serbian, etc. about 10.65%. Residents are Orthodox. The official language is Macedonian. Macedonia is located in the central Balkan peninsula, is a mountainous landlocked country. East of Bulgaria, Greece, the southern boundary of the west Albania, near the North Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia).

Macedonian women like to wear collar embroidered shirts and tank tops, to wearing an apron, wear colored belts, scarves and flat top conical cap. Men wearing traditional costumes of the shirt, it vest or leather vest, wearing trousers, wear colorful belt. On the ground, at the wedding dressed in traditional costume people want to celebrate three days. This custom has continued for centuries.

Macedonian hospitality, if they are invited to a private guest house, generally do not be late, late 10-15 minutes can understand, you can take some small gifts, such as: flowers, wine or chocolates. Flowers, note sent to a single number that represents the festival, such as: birthdays, new house and so on. Double the number normally used to send funeral flowers. At 17:00 before the visit or call to the people to be rude, Macedonian people prefer to restaurants, bars, cafes night life, weekend entertainment until late usually rest.

The country nationals of different religions keep their canons. Shake hands in the international arena, the use of internationally accepted appellation, that man is called “Sir,” said the lady as “lady”, “lady”, “Lady.”

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