Luxembourg customs

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), an area of 2,586.3 square kilometers, population 441,300 (2001), which accounts for about 64.4% of the Luxembourg people, foreigners accounted for 35.6% (mainly Portugal, Italy, France, ratio, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and other countries nationals). The official language is French, German and Luxembourgish. Where French used for administrative, judicial and diplomatic; German newspapers and more for news; Luxembourg spoken language as folk, but also for the local administration and justice. 97% of residents were Catholic.

Luxembourg, though traditional, but not old-fashioned, unlike German or Swiss natives so old-fashioned. Luxembourg people like handshake. People shake hands when they meet, shake hands when you have to leave.

Luxembourg people have a special preference for working breakfast, drink and chat; lunch is usually slow and long. Remember not to disrupt the negotiations on the topic of delicious dishes to enjoy. In the working dinner, the guests of the produced if the network Moselle Valley Luxembourg dry white wine to be appreciated, then the owner will feel Luxembourg feel good. If the owner of Luxembourg invites you to dinner with his family, to the hostess brought a bouquet of flowers or a box of candy is the proper etiquette.

Luxembourg mailing Old clothing is required tariffs. Old clothing such as mail recipient can not be returned to the original place rejected, so alternative recipient to indicate their addresses. Gold, silver jewelry and valuables when mailing Insurance. Press the Luxembourg regulations, including prohibiting the posting and Not indicated unsigned pamphlet publisher, gun, knife, sword and stick built, with ammunition canes, secret defense weapon, saccharin and similar sweeteners (except for government purchases).

Luxembourg implemented 5 days per week, working 40-45 hours per week. Ordinary business hours 8:30 to 17:30. Banking hours are 9:00 to 15:30. Retail Stores 9:00 to 18:00.

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