India will use banana fiber to manufacture textile products

The textile entrepreneur who is Indian Surat in man-made fabric industry uses natural banana fiber to manufacture biological degradation of environmental technique textile products.
(MANTRA) prepared the material for utilizing banana fiber fabrics, these fabric stake advantage of the power loom weaving, dyeing, printing and processing of the finished, after the coating and adhesive molding made of skills textile products. Make full use of banana fiber manufacturing textile products including flame retardant curtain fabrics, waterproof breathable footwear Fabric, home decoration fabrics, banana fiber carpets and blankets.

India will use banana fiber to manufacture textile products

Banana Tree

From the Association for the Study of man-made textile news, the Naf Surrey Agricultural University has joined the banana cultivation decided to study the planting of banana in , they are able to supply fiber to the local textile industry. Banana production in the process of rising. Among all states in India, Gujarat banana production accounted for fifth place, only Nan Gujarat accounted for 54% of the total production of banana in the state. After harvest, remove the banana tree is a big problem, from banana Tanaka banana stems to disposal sites involved labor costs and transportation is a big problem.

Currently, decortication machine fiber extracted from the banana stem, which is expected to make a net income of farmers reached 23,000 rupees / ha. Textile and paper industry extracted from the banana is a potential opportunity to generate rural employment.

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