How to invest in China?

How much do you know about China? Do you know there are many trade and investment opportunities in the China market? Those sectors are experiencing roaring growth: education, food, beverages, transport, IT, green industry and so on. Therein, education, food and green industry are three major industry.

Abroad Education
Abroad Education in China is divided into two kinds, those who want to study abroad (get further education in other countries for two to four years.); Study in the education services established by foreign suppliers in Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing. The type of students interested in America, France, England, Canada , Australia and so on, includes those who want pure language study and those who wish to study university degrees through studies, etc. post-graduate/MBA
As the cost of study abroad remains high, further qualifications accredited by foreign institutions in China has become more convenient and popular. Course delivery can take two forms.

As China became more and more prosperous, the demand for sophisticated products soars up and the emphasis on quality, freshness and convenience continues to grow. This means that considerable demand for processed foods are needed urgently.
The market of imported food in China tends to be stable and booming, especially hotels, bars and restaurants of western style are badly needed. China consumers were increasingly focusing on major brand and brand loyalty in the past, which means that companies with a strong international brand and aggressive marketing strategies would continue to hold significant market share. Foreign companies were allowed by the Chinese government to implement supermarket chains.

Green Industry

Capture the opportunities and invest in the Green Industry.

Flower belongs to green industry.

It is reported that China’s development of green industry during the Five-Year Plan (2011-15) will lead 3.6 trillion yuan in investment opportunities. The products of environmental protection will greatly contribute to the world trade. China is one of the developing countries. Its over development causes some environmental problems. So the development of Green Industry has a great market. Meanwhile, boosting Green Industry is also to protect our common home yard.

Success belongs to whom excels at capturing investing opportunities.

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