Finland Customs

Finns are very careful when dealing with foreigners etiquette. They remain in the habit of talking to a distance of about 1.2 meters, if other attempts to get too close, it will be seen as impolite behavior. For shoes, teeth and other acts in public, theywill cast despised. They do not like to see someone put his arm ride together. Finns in social situations with customers people meet, both men and women shake hands warmly. When Finns meet with foreign friends, especially to his homes to friends and like to let the other signatures and comments to show for friendship treasure. Finns are willing to do.People call them the title. If you do not know their titles, you can generally referred to as manager.

Finland’s business activities should wear conservative style suit. Be sure to visit appointment in advance. Although the Finnish businessman quite Paul Shou, cautious, however, when he made the decision to shake hands with you, its effectiveness and booked a contract the same. Finn talksbusiness is usually conducted in the office, rather than negotiated at the lunch table, once on a good business, there will always be a special
Do long lunch to celebrate. Sometimes, the Finnish businessmen should you go take a sauna, if the other party invites you to wash.The Finnish-style steam bath, which means the other side with the greatest sincerity, expressing your acceptance. Finns pay attention to credit, the meeting agreed in advance, generally will arrive on time. If you were invited to the local business community.Pets bouquet gave his wife, but must be singular.

Finnish modern wedding is usually in the church by a priest of a simple religious ceremony, and then entered in the register. Finns after the death burial and cremation in two forms, the growing popularity of cremation now. Religious funerals are usually in a church by a priest, non-religious funeral press deceased’s orders processing.

Most Finns Christian (Lutheran), and a few people believe in Islam. Finn taboo “13” numbers. The “Friday”, and sees it as an unlucky number and date that it will bring doom and disaster, so people are reluctant to touch these numbers and dates. They are taboo crossbar handshake or cross each other talk. Both methods are considered impolite category. If the other side, first, be sure to time; Second, remember to bring a gift to his wife, the owner did not drink a toast to you before you do not drink, in Finland, both men and women to shake hands for the ceremony, you It can not be ignored, multi-grip several times, always wrong.

Finland from September to November, February and March and May the most appropriate visited. Two weeks before Christmas and Easter inappropriate. June to August is the Finnish business. Person’s degree of. With business activities contrary to the best tourist season in Finland every year from June to September can be, in this season you can see the world’s rare polar day wonders. Finnish open-air market is a must for foreign tourists and the most able to attract them is filled with a variety of arts and crafts stalls. Finnish great attention to solve the difficult problem of people with disabilities to go out. In public places have set up specifically for disabled parking, disabled subway entrance dedicated elevators in Finland not tip taxi.

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