Etiquette in France

It is known that French loves to be beautiful. Especially women. It is regarded as guy who likes to dress up mostly in the world. Even it is same to those elder women. Each day, they cannot live without makeup and beautiful skin to make themselves look more young. They are generally regarded woman show shows humility courtesy as a standard of good and bad parenting life. “Ladies first” is extremely popular in France. Their concept of time is very strong. Whether they attend any rallies, and are used to arrive on time, never drag late, do not want to hear those crappy pronunciation.

The French ladies makeup habits, it is generally not welcome fragrant towel attendant for their delivery. French in a conversation with the guests, like mutual Station recently. They think that the more pro-forced. They preference cock. That it is both ornamental and economic value, as well as the special skills Secretary Morning dawn, to see it as a symbol of the “bright”, and sees it as the national bird. They are very Nick love iris. That it is the pride of his nation, a symbol of authority, a sign of the country and respect its national flower. France is a country rich flowers people love flowers into addiction. They see begonias as “cordial friendship”; the orchid “pious” clove “pure” Dahlia said “thank you” to the meaning of “love” Rose said. Their preference for blue, and blue as the color of the “quiet” and “loyalty”; prefer pink, pink is a positive color, giving a sense of joy. Talking to them to get used to using gestures to express their meaning. But their gestures and our habits vary. : Separately using the thumb and index finger, said “eight”, they said “two”; pointed to his nose and said, “I”, but their finger to his chest before I; They also thumb down “bad” and “poor” mean.

French social occasions to meet with the guests, the usual practice to shake hands for the ceremony, the girls also often applied to women curtsy. Between men and women, a woman meet, but also often pro-cheek or towel cheek instead of a handshake between. The customs of the French men kiss each other, the two men meet general public kiss on each other’s cheeks were. Kiss on the hand is quite popular in certain sectors of society in France. However Shi kiss on the hand, the mouth should not come into contact with Ms. hands; can not kiss a gloved hand; kiss on the hand can not be in a public place; hand not kiss girls.

General etiquette
French businessmen often uncommunicative and conservative.

The French locals any other people – including some of the other parts of France – said the French way feel aliasing, a deaf ear.

Title and greetings
Gently handshake is usual greetings, but guests should not take the initiative to reach out people of a higher social status.

Dating with time
Prior dating practices. Punctual for appointments is a sign of politeness.

Hospitality and gifts
Be invited to someone’s home a stranger is rare, even though it has been known for a long time. However, if these invitations to hostess to send flowers (do not send roses or chrysanthemums) or like small gifts of chocolate will be popular.

Frenchman focus on culinary arts, noon and evening meals are an important part of daily life, can not be ignored.

Provoke thinking and aesthetic gifts are especially popular. Do not send printed with your company name prominent logo gift.

To avoid the topic of personal issues, politics and money.

Faith taboo
Frenchman mostly Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Islam. Law cart taboo yellow; dark green is also extremely After sense. They see the peacock the havoc birds; crane is a symbol of stupid whore. Also depending on the chrysanthemum flower of mourning; think walnuts, azaleas, paper flowers unlucky. They are very taboo “13”. That the “13”, “Friday” unlucky. Or even calamity a harbinger of doom. They also older women called the “old lady” as an insult language. They taboo men perfume gift to women. Otherwise, there is too affectionate or suspected of “ill intentions”. They taboo to other people about their political leanings, and wages, as well as a personal affair. Instead, they will generate suspicion. Frenchman, he wishes to meet gifts, will be considered to be unsociable, or even that your rude behavior. On the diet, the French do not eat fish without scales; do not eat heavy spicy dishes.

Eating habits
France is one of the world’s three major cooking Kingdom. They are very particular about the food, but also willing to spend money. Inferior dish in the restaurant, they are unwilling to accept. Frenchman forged a bond with wine. According to the information: the French drink 75 liters of wine per person per year. In addition, the mix of French cuisine and wine is also very particular. They think: The before meals generally drink is not high degree of liqueurs, used to call it the “aperitif”; dinner drink sweet wine or rose wine; meat generally drink red wine; drink when eating seafood white wine or rose wine; after dinner drink the digestion liquor “little sweet; every dinner also drink champagne, to increase During the meeting, the atmosphere of joy.

French people are very fond of Chinese cuisine. The only Chinese restaurant in the capital Paris more than 2,600, accounting for about a quarter of the total number of the city’s restaurants. The city every few hundred feet there is a Chinese hotel, on the corner of Michelle gathered together for 80 years. Famous gourmet critic of the law cars, diet magazine editor Henry Scott praised Chinese cuisine has four major characteristics: maintain Jervis, rich style, the furnace just right, a very nutritious, is a world-class cooking techniques. They always dine as a big thing. Some people also believe that in any case can not stand to eat, not to hand grab food, these are very unsightly, and beneath their own demeanor. Therefore, they strongly disagree with the buffet and cocktails.

Attaches great importance to French cooking techniques. The cuisine they pay attention to color, smell, taste, shape, operating on very great importance to master the furnace. There is a prominent feature in the French, especially the fresh emphasis on dishes. Because they generally like to eat slightly raw mouth, very fresh delicacies. The dry cool is one of the major food on the table of the Frenchman. They love sandwiches folder on cheese or Italian bread stuffing, wish to make it as a cup of tea refreshments. The French people are generally happy to drink unboiled water (tap water), used to drink water.

French eating habits on the following characteristics:

(1) pay attention to pay attention to the cooking furnace, pay attention to the dishes fresh, stressed that the quality of the dishes.

The ② taste generally hi fat, thick, fresh, tender, preference for sour, sweet, salty.

(3) the staple food staple rice or flour, and the snack also love to eat.

(4) non-staple food eat the juicy pork, lamb, beef, eating fish, shrimp, chicken, eggs and intestines and fresh vegetables; occasionally willing to taste some novel food, such as snails, earthworms, Malan; hi with cloves, pepper, parsley, garlic, tomato and method for seasoning.

⑤ system of fried, fried, burned, grilled, fried cooking methods produced food preference.

⑥ Chinese food, love the Chinese Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu cuisine.

The ⑦ recipes appreciate Assorted platter, braised mandarin fish, Kung Pao diced Fenjiu beef, oyster sauce, fresh mushrooms, crispy fried chicken, fried shrimp balls, bean sprout chicken, pineapple turkey, caramelized apple dishes.

⑧ Wine  hobby, especially love to drink wine, rose wine, champagne, wine and generally can not drink or do not drink often drink some beer; usually their usual drinks and mineral water, soda water, orange juice, and black tea or coffee.

⑨ fruit, the French love to eat fruit, especially pineapple particularly favored their favorite varieties of apple, grape, kiwi; dried fruits like raisins, sugar wonderful chestnuts

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