Dominica Customs

Dominican Republic’s urban architecture and European countries similar to the capital Santo Domingo, mostly new construction high-rise buildings. Rural architecture is such a plan, the difference is houses are bungalows, no buildings. Residents enjoy dancing, Merlin cover is Dominican Republic’s national dance, the rhythm of this dance merrily, in some prom, while dancing, while poetry. Urban residents suits worn on formal occasions, usually dress is relatively simple. Usually wearing a shirt, pants trousers, women generally wear a white shirt, wearing red or white skirt. Residents diet is rice, chicken and beans. People also like to eat the steamed rice or add chicken, sardines, dried fish, salt and other kind of fried rice. Residents foods are shrimp, crab, beef, chili, vegetables and dragon wine. Drink beer with Nathan Noel, also likes to drink one kind of pineapple, lemon doing called “horse than the” drink.

Dominican Republic residents are very enthusiastic, boyfriends when they meet, in addition to greeting “hello” outside, but also handshake. Girlfriend when they meet, in addition to greetings, under the degree of friendship, but also shaking hands, hugging kissing. Farewell courtesy and met similar to say “goodbye”, “I wish you happiness,” and so polite. Society is the most used “sir” and “madam.” An unmarried woman can be called lady. They also call on diplomatic occasions administrative and academic titles added before calling.

Dominica residents Taboos and Spain, Mexico and other countries similar. Women do not want others to ask her and knew her age. It is generally taboo to touch the child’s head. Dominica’s business practices offend each other happy, to know how to say a good joke. You want people to visit, if in the same room with other people, to be greeted, otherwise they will not get their help. Where there is no specific contraindications.

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