Digital printing queen costume designer Mary Katrantzou

In the styles of the design community , Mary Katrantzou is unique . Her three-dimensional sense of strong , complex , deep literary temperament prints known. After graduation, she founded his namesake brand in London, and the world famous London Fashion Week in 2010 . Her famous British department store Harrods and the boutique , the famous fast fashion brands such as Topshop launched a large number of cross-border cooperation . Recently, she founded the first online retail site , launched 45 models based on an earlier series of unique holiday clothes , triggering a new round of fashion trend.

In 1983, Mary Katrantzou born in Athens, Greece. Her father was a fabric designer , mother is an interior designer . 20 years old, she went alone to the United States , Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island School of Design) studied architecture , and soon she transfer to London ‘s Central Saint Martins College (Central St. Martins), and where to get the bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Since then , Mary Katrantzou will focus transferred from the interior of fashion print design print design . 2006 , Mary Katrantzou and senior sister apprentice cocoa Salaqi Sophia (Sophia Kokosalaki) cooperation for its master’s graduate work done its homework . In 2008 , Mary Katrantzou held at the Central Saint Martins College graduate design show, a series of three-dimensional sense of strong illusion pattern dress made ​​her stand out from the many graduate work, and access to the Harrods department store and boutique L’Oreal Professional Award ( Harrods and the L’Oreal Professional Award) nomination. She also won the British Fashion Council plans to tap the rookie “Newgen” funding.

As printing and fabric specialists Mary Katrantzou been working on a new profile shape and printing technology. 2010 London Fashion Week , in a minimalist popular, she was the use of digital printing technology to reproduce the glitz and excessive decorative Rococo periods, Marquise Jeanne Antoinette Poisson (Madame de Pompadour) picture , Fragonard and Nattier ‘s paintings have been loaded onto the fresh and fashionable clothes she designs , won the big ticket fashion magazine coverage, it has also become a fashion darling of many stars.

Just a few years , Mary Katrantzou has become Lanzuo from “Vogue”, “Harpre’s Bazaar”, “Elle” to “Dazed and Confuse”, “Grazia” and other famous fashion magazine reported that the new generation of designers keen Reds . She is also fine with the famous British department store Harrods, the French national bag brand Longchamp (Longchump), a famous fast fashion brands such as Topshop launched a large number of cross-border cooperation.

As a new generation of the most active designer brands, Mary Katrantzou has from Keira Knightley (Keira Knightley), Lily Szabolcs Chomsky (Leelee Sobieski), Airy Shan Zhong (Alexa Chung) to Ke Laodi Asian Chevron (Claudia Schiffer), Annadailuo Russell (Anna Dello Russo), Catherine Zeta- Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones) a lot of star fans.

Recently, Mary Katrantzou founder of the first online retail flagship store is coming soon , which will undoubtedly bring a whirlwind industry . This site is the first to offer a Qiaohannisi Leonardo (Johannes Leonardo) to design cartoon countdown clocks, upon sale of the product will cause widespread concern. Artist and photographer Nicholas Alan Cope (Nicholas Alan Cope) to design a stellar digital gallery space , these are all on-line site for the upcoming add luster. Mary Katrantzou in an interview revealed that in the past four years , she has been in the planning for this site , but the site will also be her first flagship store , she hopes to communicate directly through this website and customers , which so she is very excited.

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