Czech customs

Czech and Slovak humanity reliable straightforward, approachable. They are generally happy with the guests cool Langshu pregnant. Where they come into contact with people who think they kind of unrestrained way of giving a homely hospitality, makes people feel good approach. Their strong sense of time, on the dating habits of punctual for appointments. They like to use the “egg” doing traditional decorations. Eggshell painted hearts, love fruit, is generally given to the couple’s; landscape painted flowers and birds, belonging to the general and widespread holiday gift wish of the original. They are very familiar blue love. They think that the color blue is upward. Young people give gifts, especially to congratulate graduates, most prefer the blue gift. They prefer pink, and rose. They spend as these two wonderful symbol of happiness, and sees it as the national flower. They like to use flowers, wine, WeiTen taboos and French brandy as a gift. The Czech Republic and Slovakia Troon Tu Chin, Pierre Stanislaw love wolves and other local residents into addiction. Whether weddings and funerals, the wolf is of course a “hero”, gift wolf drawing, wolf posing as guests to accompany the bride and groom who have dressed as wolves, and even the bridal chamber also asked the mouth of the wolf made of paper hang.

Deportment etiquette

Czechs think we can come to no good clothes, can not no good grace. They not only when dealing with others in conversation gentle, polite, and solitude is not just for people who hate frivolous behavior on public occasions hug shoulder ride back phenomenon did not favor. At home, the elders respectful,
outdoors, young and old were everywhere.

Meet etiquette

Most modern Czechs only a first name and a name, that name, last name, or a word of each order with the same name and identity of its own and to distinguish those similar, someone also add a middle name. Call, generally called Mr Ms. Meet shake hands. Czech and Slovak people on official occasions when you meet with the guests, are generally used to shake hands. Boyfriend among each other, hugging ritual general practice facilities, a woman accustomed to applying inter-kissing ceremony (ie, kissing both cheeks). Who was invited to the Czech Republic and Slovakia guest house, to the gifts and flowers, wine, whiskey or cognac.

Business Etiquette

Czech foreign trade developed rapidly, it is in the world, there are more than one hundred and regional economic and trade ties, and its specific import and export business from foreign trade enterprises responsible. Conduct business meetings at the local, generally several days in advance conventions. Should be sufficient to prepare the pre-negotiation, the negotiation process should be patient. Every year in September to next May’s most desirable visited. June each year in August is the traditional holiday, the degree season, this time it is best not to Czech foreign businessmen to do business. Cities and resorts degree water security.

Faith taboo

Czech and Slovak Catholic accounted for half of the total population of the country, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the church, the Czech and Slovak Evangelical brethren, the Czech and Slovak Orthodox, atheists and other religions account for only 34.4%. They see “13”, “Friday” as ominous numbers and
dates. People usually do on the ground, trying to hide shield teach these numbers and dates. They abstain righteousness fork handshake and cross-style conversation. Think it is impolite. They are sensitive to red triangle and mark them as toxic. Their eyes gaze themselves very offensive. That this is
a contempt of human behavior. They are individuals who do not like fish, shrimp, lamb; most people do not drink soup.

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