Customs in Peru

Peruvians in modern social life, which is usually a Western-style clothing, they pay more attention to personality in the dress. Local women also like to wear all kinds of metal accessories, festivals are usually worn with silver or copper earrings and other Peruvians conversation, the two sides are very close, they think something is nearly close representation. If your body is doing to hug or catch the action, meaning that I pay, they also like to use gestures praise kiss thing. Peruvians eating potatoes and corn, in mountainous areas, the potato is basic food, plain areas is often corn-based food, launched and coastal cuisine with spicy mainly Peruvians particularly like to eat kebabs, in some large and medium the city’s streets can often see Indian women pendulum kebab stalls, locals although sometimes roasted Arabian sheep skewers, but more of a grilled beef heart strings. Beef heart strings are commonly used in Peruvian dinner guests a cuisine. Peruvians living in towns in Catholic Christians, usually to the church wedding, but in some remote mountainous areas still retains the traditional marriage customs. In the Peruvian Andes Indians have retained the custom of mummification. After death, to be mummified. Peru is the most solemn Sun Festival.

Peruvians meet, both men and women can shake hands, often between male friends hugging and kissing each other female relatives and friends among the face. Peruvians do not like just met after entering the serious topic, they will usually ask you to drink coffee, when the two sides understand each other, the other party will take the initiative to talk about the problems you are interested. Peruvians have a strong sense of national pride, conduct business with them, the most important thing is to respect their national feelings. Due to local business practices, they sometimes do not keep the appointment time, this should be a width of attitude, and their should be punctual for appointments. If you’re ready to entertain each other, and normally should also invited his wife.

Peruvian special taboo “death” word, terms of “death” to curse others, it will definitely cause a big fight. Peruvians taboo “13” and “Friday.” Think it is an unlucky number and date, in case it is bound to be apocalyptic. They abstain crow. That the crow is an ominous bird, giving the impression of doom and disaster. They taboo to the sword as gifts. Think that by sending these things mean severed friendship. They eat sea cucumbers in the diet of a class of bizarre foods. Peruvian purple flat taboo, only hold some religious ceremonies when using this color. Should be avoided in conversation about local politics involved in the topic.

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