Cultural differences between China Halloween and West Halloween

In China, the annual semi-lunar calendar is called the “Halloween”, also known as Ghost, families will worship their ancestors and remember their ancestors. This is the Sacrifice of the day after Christmas as the underground palace, while the underground palace in charge of the gates of hell, this heaven Palace opened the gates of hell, but also the day to open the door of hell, the late ancestors can go home happy, and therefore it is Halloween. This day can be put to the ghosts eat bread, at the crossroads of burning paper money, etc., but also worship, grave, spot lights for the dead according to the Dutch way home and so on.

lotus flower lamp

lotus flower lamp

And the annual October 31 is the West’s “Halloween” – Halloween, particularly in North America lively. Halloween (Halloween) is a western traditional festival, the day everyone will lift pumpkins and distributed sweets to the children home, so Halloween is children’s favorite holidays.

The same festival, the East and the West there is a huge difference. Western connotation of this festival has evolved, people just borrow each other funny ghosts to relax, especially for kids having fun while walking around the neighborhood may be linked to each other and say hello. But in China, this festival is not what evolution is still very traditional feudal colors or with a point of burning paper money, put incense, etc., both in the countryside or in the city are getting faded. Many Chinese people do not know there are three Chinese Ming Festival, many of these people do not know the origins of Halloween.

China Halloween: ancestor worship, solemn.

In the “spirits and much of” the Chinese culture, the “ghost” is taboo, death is a taboo. People are not accustomed to with the “ghost” joke, more accustomed to living “Zhuangshennonggui.” In Western culture, life and death are considered the law of nature, death is not terrible, “Halloween” is to celebrate the festival. For festive fun and interesting, enhance the festive atmosphere, while allowing small children are not afraid of ghosts, even over sixty years old woman, also dressed as a “ghost”, spoof it. This historical tradition in the West people well understood, but which for us, “spirits and much of the” oriental country is not necessarily appropriate. Even those who lived outside the long Chinese, a large part still insist that the Romans, while also taking into account China’s national conditions in their children’s imprint. Confucius said: “Non-its ghosts Erji, flatter too.” But the biggest problem is not here, this “ghost” nor “ghost”, in the West in the Halloween cultural background and context is very different,

Halloween and Westerners are different, our Halloween ritual, not simply as a superstition, “Halloween” because of filial piety into the sky, an ethnic customs and traditions are a reflection of culture and ideas, because the blood of call, the extension of the feelings, as well as a reminder of their own future, have given China Halloween rich cultural connotations. With the development and improvement of people are educated, people may find a better way to commemorate their ancestors, but the ancestors of the memorial and memorial, but it is what age are indispensable. Halloween also has a Western law of development suited to their own evolution, but if transplanted to put this festival culture is characterized by ritual and ritual culture built around the moral system of China is somewhat acclimatized. In fact, is not the only looked strange, a little knowledge of history, will not come up in the emotional and rational to accept this thing.

The source of Chinese culture to some extent can be said to sacrifice culture, the ancient ancestors of worship into all aspects of nature worship and ritual categories. Since ancestral ghosts and nature of God in the minds of all our ancestors bless them live in peace, and living necessities for survival invisible forces, ancestors hoped to contribute to sacrifice to get rid of evil spirits, to obtain bliss. On the other hand, in the “something dead as students” under the concept of ancestral worship as a fundamental moral piety became the same. Later, another ritual and politics put a hook, and the country became a political indoctrination of the key.

Sacrifice is an important part of life of people, worship culture is an important part of Chinese culture. People through ritual activities, recalling ancestors, heritage filial piety, virtue virtue, expressed awe at the same time of life, expressing gratitude at this, to express the Hong Daoyang good ambition. This ritual cultural phenomenon, for the troubled folk of Dunhua, for th enlightenment of individual life, have a particular function is still no shortage of practical significance. But now everything can be brought in the era of entertainment, morality is the foundation upon which there has never been subjected to impact.

Western Halloween: Happy lively, entertainment-oriented.

The origin of Halloween is in 500 BC when living in Ireland, Scotland and other places, it is believed that the spirits of deceased persons in October 31 day return to place of residence during his lifetime, and to find the body of the living creatures avatars, to get the opportunity to regenerate. Local residents fear the ghost to win his own life, so when October 31 arrives, will put out all the lights so that the ghost can not look to the living and to dress up as ghosts and goblins to scare away the ghosts. Over time, the meaning of Halloween gradually become contain festive flavor. So now a symbol of Halloween monsters and pictures, have become a weird appearance, such as pumpkin monsters, witches and so on. Americans love their creativity, on this day is doing all it can to dress themselves’ ghosts, especially the kids will wear different Halloween costumes every year, carrying baskets to mention pumpkin lights go door to door to discuss sugar, saying “trick or treak”, which are so much more fun Halloween becomes. This is Halloween get a lot of people love it.

Differences in customs.

In the annual November 1 is a Western Halloween. October 31 is Halloween. Often called Halloween (Halloween). Whenever the arrival of Halloween is one of the most “haunted” when the various ghosts and goblins, pirates, alien visitors and witches who have mobilized. Before the Christian era, the Celtics held a ceremony in late summer and thank God for the grace of the sun. Soothsayer then ignited and witchcraft is said to ward off demons wandering around strange. Later Romans used nuts and apples harvest festival to celebrate the Celtics on October 31 fusion of. In the Middle Ages, people wear animal shaped dress, wear scary masks is like driving on Halloween night ghost. Although it has replaced the Celtic and Roman Christian religious activities, the early practices still preserved. Now, children with mental jokingly wearing masks participate in a variety of costumes and Halloween party, these dances are often hanging around the walls papered witches, black cats, ghosts and skeletons hanging from the window and the door is Ziya Liezui or terrifying pumpkin lanterns. The children also often tried to bite the hanging apple.

Every year on July 15 as “the Ghost” in some places known as “Halloween”, “Shi alone”, also known as the dead man’s Day, July and a half. Popular Communication deceased ancestors early July was Hades released a half months, so it is early July pick ancestors, July and a half to send ancestral customs. Send progenitor, the paper money burned a lot of money offerings in order to “ancestors enjoyed.” Meanwhile, enjoy the names written on paper into the envelope paper money, ritual burning, saying “burn bag.” Who died during the burn new package, multi-profile wedding, died more than a year old package burn. Whether rich or poor should prepare snacks, paper money and pay homage to the dead man, to show remembrance of the dead ancestors.

Ghost is generally seven days, there are new and old dead people die of the points. Died within three years, said the new dead people, died three years ago, said the old dead people. Superstition that the new and old dead people this time to go home to see, said the new and old dead man back in time is not the same, the new dead people first back, then back to the old dead man. So to pay homage respectively. Paper money of the time election night dead of night, first with a few sprinkles of lime in the yard circle, saying that the paper money to burn in the circle where ghosts can not rob, then piles to burn, burning mouth when also could not help talking: “certain to pick up the money.” finally out of the loop pile of burning, saying it was burned to the ghosts. Dead people back on this day, both rich and poor have to do a good meal meals respect dead people, also known as “send dead people.”

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