Croatia customs

Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country, located in the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, across the sea with Italy, Slovenia and Hungary north, east and Yugoslavia, the southern border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia southern and coastal areas of the Mediterranean climate, mild northern continental climate. Croatia to Croats, accounting for 78%, 12% Serbs, in addition to Muslims, Slovenia, Hungary and other ethnic groups, mainly Catholic (Croat), Orthodox (Serbs). The official language is Croatian.

Croatian cuisine combines Italy, Hungary, Austria and the Far East cuisine, both well preserved many of its original features but also into the local culinary tradition. Croatia has 50 different local dishes and local cheeses and desserts. Acura is worth to recommend a bonfire barbecue, Dalmatian smoked ham (prosutto), feta cheese, and kulen (pepper sausage). In mainland China, the more popular dish is turkey with mlinci (Chicken grilled dough soaked in fire) and cheese (cheese salty cake). The dish is more popular coastal Dalmatian-style fish stew, seafood soup and seafood salad. Several hundred years the history of wine making this appear a variety of wines, some of which have become in the world enjoy the reputation as the best.

Croatian traditional clothing woven linen multi-user (Pannonian region), wool (Dinara region) as well as silk material (coastal) sewing. Men’s clothing for the shirts and trousers and jacket, waistcoat, shawl, cape, belt inlaid metal jewelry, moccasins, boots. Women’s clothing is decorated with all kinds of lace, embroidery, pattern and length were thin shirt, jacket, waistcoat, belt, colored aprons, wide skirt, cloaks and so on. Festival wear brightly decorated with lace, embroidery, metal piece of clothing, which is particularly prevalent in the Dinaric region.

The country nationals of different religions keep their canons. Shake hands in the international arena, the use of internationally accepted appellation, that man is called “Sir,” said the lady as “lady”, “lady”, “Lady.”

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