Chinese printing and dyeing industry : environmental standards is the premise of corporate survival

Reporters recently learned from the China Dyeing and Printing Association , printing and dyeing industry, “second five ” key task to actively promote the implementation of marked success. Among them, the difficulty of energy-saving emission reduction targets and resource recycling targets completed according to schedule.

Chen Zhihua , president of China Dyeing and Printing Industry Association , said the textile industry is a traditional pillar industry of China , Minsheng industry and international competitive advantages of the industry, and the development of relations in the textile and dyeing industry chain in the end, the entire textile industry to industry and innovation restructuring and upgrading. Improve the quality of their products for textile fabrics , quality and added value plays a key role , is to enhance the apparel, home textiles and quality and added value of the key bottlenecks . Therefore, the whole textile industry chain , the position of printing and dyeing industry, significant, is the realization of China’s textile and power shift key integral powers made by the textile .

According to Chen Zhihua reports, printing and dyeing industrial wastewater discharge is mainstream. Currently according to data released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection , printing and dyeing industry wastewater discharge rate is above 96 %. A number of energy-saving emission reduction technology in the industry to get widely applied , such as silk light alkali recycling rate of over 80%, continuous width washing technology promotion back frame by frame rate of over 90% , the rate of waste heat recovery technology promotion more than 60 %.

Chen Zhihua said that in the “Twelve Five” period, steadily upgraded printing industry also encountered some outstanding problems, such as rising labor costs , rising environmental requirements and market demand is low, fierce competition , such as product homogeneity . In order to promote the steady upgrade dyeing industry , the state should set up a separate special for the printing industry, technical innovation , and vigorously promote energy conservation and industrial upgrading. Chen Zhihua , said: “Environmental protection is a prerequisite for the survival of qualified standards , the development of key industries is to achieve the transformation and upgrading , and should include aspects of the adjustment of product structure , change the mode of marketing , technology innovation and so on.”

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