Canton passed new trends, China’s foreign trade looks forward to innovation

Canton passed new trends, China’s foreign trade looks forward to innovation.

“Foreign warmer” 113 Canton Fair released a positive signal. In the context of economic recovery in Europe is not yet clear, pick up more rely on the continued growth of South America, Russia and other emerging market demand. The judgment of the foreign trade situation, more enterprises are given the attitude is “cautiously optimistic”, after all, Europe and the United States is China’s largest trading partner, and the rise of emerging market local enterprises also gives Chinese companies a competitive pressure.

The past few decades, China’s foreign trade enterprises have tasted the sweetness of the foundry. With the rising costs in recent years, trade frictions, profit from the transfer of manufacturing to create, foreign trade enterprises in China for a time awakened from a dream “feast”, had to use their brains to focus on transformation. According to the “smile curve” theory, the value of the products is more reflected at both ends, that is designed and marketed in the lowest value-added of the manufacturing of the intermediate links. Forced grim foreign trade situation to improve product design, to gain more meaning and higher selling prices. Compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, in the same grade of product selling price, made in China, just add a little creative design, there will be a lot of room for improvement.Exhibition site designed as a “wind”.

To try, both means of transport but also fitness. “Zhejiang Wuyi Kang Yu Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., general manager of Wu Zhu warmly invited reporters to experience their own design and R & D” to riding an exercise bike, this product will Stepper bike together, almost every passing buyers will cast curious eyes. “Although there is not much technical content in this exercise bike, but with innovative design and practical function, quickly won the favor of buyers, the most expensive sold for $ 2,000.” Wu Zhu told reporters that the pressure of rising costs forcing the company to increase design and R & D efforts to shift from traditional products to high value-added products.

Flexible and well-behaved in the home appliance exhibition, several robots doing housework audience dazzling “star”. The Suzhou Cobos Robot Technology Co., Ltd., Director of International Sales Ping Xuelei said, designed by our own R & D 3 robots doing housework: floor cleaning robots, home security robots and automatic window cleaning robot. Cobos will focus on the United States, with the help of superior design and development capabilities, has been recognized by the United States market.”

Ceramics is a symbol of China, Chinese ceramics enterprises in the global market has always been a dominant position. In recent years, in the face of grim foreign trade situation, the ceramic enterprises focus turned to product design. Guangdong Hongyu Ceramics Export Manager, said Yuan Xin, brand reputation can determine the bargaining power of the true meaning of the brand design. Foshan building ceramics known worldwide, but the design has been short board, every year the company invested heavily to solve design problems, the launch of this year’s trade crack stone new products such as the company won a large number of orders.

As Chinese companies to enhance the design emphasis, domestic and foreign design companies are also busy to come to the “gold.” Japan Toshiyuki Kita design studio technical director Wang Haoxiong said, “Our products are designed so that the water heater products with annual sales of the company in Guangdong increased by several times, many times simply add a small creative design, the value of the products will be able to significantly improve . ”

Companies must crossed the threshold
Although the company’s new product is a big harvest in the Canton Fair, Wu Zhu expressed his concerns, although the broader market in the country, but for the time being will not consider the product in domestic sales, domestic imitation too, relevant departments of the patent protection efforts is not enough. For enterprises, the design of the road in the external environment “Hum” and can still find ways to cross the enterprise’s own “knot” have to solve. “China’s small and medium-sized enterprises demand for design is very large, but in the design of one-sided pursuit of price, having left much money they are willing to spend $ 200,000 to buy a luxury car, do not want to spend $ 20,000 to do a the design. “Korea Goth Design Design company responsible the Pu Jinghuan this very helpless.

Hong Kong Designers Association, former Chairman Alan Yip said, “OEM (OEM) foreign trade enterprises, design and innovation of the road is very long, because the business mindset is completely different. Philips Design R & D expenditures accounted for 30% of corporate profits. in the country, the design of R & D investment to achieve the proportion of enterprises and far between. “Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Dean Tong Huiming pointed out that China’s entrepreneurs prevalence of a” get rich quick “mentality, do not recognize the need to design a long-term accumulation. However, industrial design, if only to make a product, to do something appearance, will be far less than the desired effect. From the studio to the Systems Engineering, imitation low-risk, high success rate, most companies will choose to imitate. “At present, the prevalence of domestic cottage products, a serious impediment to the development and progress of the creative design industry.” Yip said that China’s current production is ripe, the design is still in its infancy. The initial stage there will inevitably imitate, it is important to learn and advance in imitation, and gradually promote independent innovation.

Currently, large enterprises are generally set up a dedicated design and R & D departments or in cooperation with world-class design company, but a lot of small and medium enterprises because of cost considerations, can only choose to cooperate with the domestic design companies. In this way, the maturity of the design company has significantly influenced the design capability of Chinese enterprises.

Six-dimensional space design consultant Liao Zhiwen, design and production of some Chinese design company completely out of touch, often overlooked control the cost of existing production processes, even if we can design a high-quality products, also due to the lack of formation of products from concept to the ability , could not get a good design. Rococo industrial design company design director Jia Wei told reporters that China needs on the scale, standardized enterprise design company. From preliminary design creativity, feasibility validation, to the latter part of the cost analysis, packaging design, this process requires a systematic consideration, not one or two designer’s personal behavior. “

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