Business Etiquette in Spain

Business customs and rituals in accordance with Spanish businessmen, it is recommended that you always wear conservative style suit, white shirt within to playing conservative style tie. In Spain, usually in the evening dinner, or visit the theater is not dressed to appear.

In Spain, the businessman and in-kind can not be separated, whenever possible, guests should sample or services delivered to or introduced to the owner. To Spain guest businessman, during office hours is appropriate to wear black shoes, do not wear brown shoes, especially after sunset, must wear black shoes, because the Spaniards have always liked black. Like lions, eagles, flowers, pomegranates, not like landscapes, pavilions.

Spaniard Latin descent, cheerful and simple, the North and the South are different, the northern Basque simple and robust, and southern Ka Mailan of people, due engaged in commercial relations since ancient times, most out-and-out businessman, Spain, the country still remains of a class system that is limited to the upper class, in order to go to college, and the senior staff of the leading companies, is more for the upper class people occupied. Therefore, the lower level of the company, their leadership staff are graduated from vocational schools, middle-class people. However, most of their training from the actual work out. Therefore, is operating in a very positive attitude. Negotiations, to come forward to negotiate with absolute discretion, business negotiation we must send a considerable staff to the negotiations, otherwise they will be ignored.

Called on the units must be pre-dating. Best held with Spanish, Chinese control of the business card, so that will meet and negotiate for convenience. In Madrid, the capital and the country’s largest commercial port and industrial center of Barcelona Barcelon Spain businessman style is quite aristocratic and conservative. Do not forget, there is a long history, mighty kingdom. Your style best behavior also appears to be conservative, formal pay attention to some courtesy. When the Spaniards good friends meet, usually male hug each other shoulders, woman gently hug a hug and kiss the cheeks. He Shou business activities to meet and say goodbye, be sure to shake hands for the ceremony.

The Spaniards Only watching bullfighting only arrive on time. Many Spanish businessmen do not know “punctuality” what the, 11:00
To the office, noon lunch, but not people, they often work to the point of 8-9 and did not leave until 4 pm to 5 when back to the office. Lunch after 13:30 must eat dinner late, began to get around 10:00. First arrived in Spain, before an appointment or to get something to eat for the wonderful. The restaurant is generally 21:00 to open for business, a large number of people to eat until 23:00 patronize.

Due to the mild climate of Spain, the daily has prolonged sun, so residents do not get up early, better late than from the people of other European countries.

Spain’s national flower of pomegranate, on Spain’s national emblem, painted with a red pomegranate. The Spaniards took the pomegranate as a symbol of wealth, good fortune. Dahlias and chrysanthemums, flowers do not send two flowers and death. Red rose to give the actor and his girlfriend, but can also be given to other women. Who are invited to the Spaniards at home for dinner, bring a bouquet of flowers, snacks, cakes or chocolate. Gifts, electrical appliances, such as tape recorders, pocket calculators are valuables, cherished by others.

Spaniards love to talk about politics, but do not compare the Spanish political and national politics. Like to talk about sports and travel, avoid talking about religion, family, and work. Do not say bad things about bullfighting.

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