Business Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

First, the origins of country names. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia referred to as “Saudi Arabia.” “Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud, the founder of the name ‘derives from. In Arabic, meaning “happiness”; term “Arab”, “desert” meaning. “Saudi Arabia” is “happy desert” meaning. September 24, 1923 given the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Second, the location
Saudi Arabia is located in southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula. Red Sea to the west, east to the Persian Gulf, adjacent to Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates.

Third, the main profile
Saudi Arabia national area of ​​2.14969 million square kilometers. Saudi Arabia population of 11 million (1986), most of the Arabs, and the rest for other Arab countries to immigrants.Saudi Arabia, the country is divided into five provinces. Capital, Riyadh. The currency is the Rial. The official language is Arabic, but English.

Fourth, social customs
Saudis general characteristics of the social customs can be summarized with these words: Saudi Arabia “Mecca” reputation, the birthplace of Islam; Religion canons strict attention to rituals and taboos; Prohibition of alcohol bogey idol, the statutory allowed to political chess; Left-handed government is not clean, according to the like do not arbitrarily; Nationals are generally very upright, generous enthusiasm heavy manners. On the details of life has the following characteristics: Saudis from October 1 to December 10 in the Hijra calendar, the Gregorian calendar November 12,
2009, which lasted 70 days, the Muslim religious festival held in the city of Mecca. Mecca is the birthplace of Mohammed and a record of what the birthplace of the founder of Islam. Hajj are broadly categorized into three dynasties,: Hajj toward Ye toward pregnant. Hajj activities: ordained Festival, running and Thanksgiving ceremony of residency at Mount Arafat, Ye Ling probe spring. Muslims who participate in Mecca Hajj ceremony, evil spirit known as “Haji” (pilgrims). In Saudi Arabia’s nationalhabits, most people always like walking in the streets took the hand of a friend, that friend friendly. They like Coffee King off. The guests took the best coffee in one gulp, because their national traditions and customs, so good manners. After the drink, If you want to continue to be consumed, thumb and forefinger and a small cup does not move, the owner will give you the wine, If you do not want to drink their traditional habits should be a small cup or so a shake, the owner will know that you intentions. They like blue and green, depending on the blue symbol of hope, as the green is the color of life. They put the two colors as the color of happiness and good fortune.

Five etiquette
The sand held Arabs meet habits greet each other; “withdrawal of Ram Allah Qom” (hello), and then shake hands and say: “of Kaiyi Fu Khalaf” (good). Saudi Arabia habits left hand on your right shoulder and kiss your cheeks, which is a kiss, the Bedouin, Saudi Arabia Yinren greeting very individual, men meet to use nose touch each other forehead, hugging each other, which means that the friendly and intimate.

Title and greetings
The customary meet etiquette is very particular. First of all, you say Salaam alaykum (hello), followed by a handshake and said Kaif Halak (are you?), And then the Saudis put his left hand resting on your right shoulder and kiss your cheeks. If the Saudis with women companion, do not expect to shake hands with her, do not expect you will be introduced to her. Appointments on time Prior appointment is necessary, but you may find Several other businessmen were present, the owner received several cases at the same time met. In Saudi Arabia, punctual for appointments are welcome. Hospitality and gifts.If invited to Arab traders at home to eat, can save a meal before your appointment, so you’ll have a good appetite. Eat more, the more you appreciate the hospitality of the owner.If your wife is also invited to a dinner party, she probably will sit with other women eating together.

Saudi Arabia does not have a nightclub, there is no movie theater. When you host, watches, cuff cuff links or other items expressed appreciation to watch out. Arab traders tend to be generous. He may spot these things for you, and if you do not accept, then hurt his feelings. Gift is welcome, but it is not considered necessary. Do not send items of alcohol or prohibited by Islam, such as the woman a picture or a statue.

The conversation should be avoided, including the Middle East politics and international oil politics.

If an Arab businessman with you hand in hand, do not immediately handle withdraw. Hand in Hand is just a friendly gesture, no other meaning.

6, beliefs taboo
Saudi Arabia Most of the people believe in Islam, there is a minority of Christians. They hate people staring at them, also against others send their sculpture or woman photo like items. They abstain from the left hand delivery food or things, the meaning of the humiliating that such a move, so most people hate the use of the left hand.Saudi Arabia is strictly prohibited idol worship only one God in their minds, so do not allow the shop windows model and sale of children to play with dolls, and anyone not to bring sculpture and other iconic access to public places. In their country, if someone defy not only idol Phi smashed, carriers should be subject to sanctions. Contact between men and women is taboo. In their country, women and men space space is strictly separated. Men are not allowed to freely enter the room of a woman, and women generally are not allowed to show up in front of strangers. Men have even chat with friends and family, and never mention the other wife, otherwise it will be considered bad faith. There are other non
-drinking requirements. Such as drinking to be severely sanctions. The light is generally subject to a sentence of six months imprisonment or flogging. Dare to drunken driving or the secret wine, clutching by like the first sentence. They taboo photography. Especially unauthorized photos of their shots to be for their opposition. Saudi Arabia also prohibits people play chess. Pool accordance with the rules of chess, cars, horses, elephants, and even pawns. Can attack and destroy the king and queen, which contains a flap role therefore under such chess is strictly prohibited.Saudi Arabia Austin the Man. Laughing as an unfriendly action, the desecration of the gods. But they have, as not to laugh as friendly to the guests or the respect for older and filial care. In Saudi Arabia,was to ban the custom of smoking, which is the limit of its canons. Sand to be Arabs fasting pork and all the appearance of ugly and unclean thing, such as turtles, crabs, and so on.

7, eating habits
Saudi Arabia accustomed to two meals daily. Breakfast is “Fuwa Le (a sorghum gooey) dipped in butter, dinner meals, usually eat pancakes, butter, honey and other edible cast, this Saudis favorite staple food. “Bubble desert they eat staple food, sorghum bread breaking off pieces by hand, and pour the cream, sugar, fresh milk or plus, eating together. In Saudi Arabia, the sheep eye “is regarded as extremely valuable food, is a rare kind of treasures, like” bear’s paw “. Saudi Arabia Asir as the main food, wheat, butter, sorghum flour is commonly used grain, meat is generally used in the holidays or dinner guests. Saudi Arabia Bedouin Yinren often drink tea or coffee as entertainment, drink every day. The staple food of camel milk and date palms, and sometimes sheep, meat and rice cooked together to catch the prey. Saudi Arabia strict temperance, but it is funny, some of them sounds like a man I like to drink, and beer-guzzling. They Dining accustomed to hand pilaf. They love the taste of Chinese dishes.Saudi Arabia on the eating habits has the following characteristics:
(1) pay attention to pay attention to the dishes to be pleasing to the eye, colors and food to keep fresh.
(2) tastes generally tastes like light.
(3) staple ordinary like rice, pasta, eat pie, noodles are happy to enjoy a dumpling, pan seared and steamed dumplings.
(4) non-staple food eat beef, lamb, chicken, duck, etc.; also like cucumbers, potatoes, onion, tomatoes and other vegetables; seasoning love with tomato sauce, pepper, salt.
(5) preparation method for baking, frying, frying and other cooking methods produced food preference.
(6) Chinese food favorite Sichuan, Halal and vegetarian dishes.
(7) recipes appreciate Mushroom Braised Lamb eye, crispy duck, mutton, tomato slices of beef, sheep’s head casserole, grilled beef, braised second kind of fried rice noodles with shredded beef, crispy chicken, beef consommé, clear chicken, roasted whole lamb and other flavor dishes.
⑧ The wine generally likes to drink tea, coffee, mineral water and other beverages. Some men like to drink beer or wine.
⑨ The fruit very fond of the fruit of the banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, olives, apricots, strawberries, cherries, sweet almonds and other dried fruit.

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