Business etiquette in Brazil

Firstly, business language.
Brazilian official language is Portuguese. Only a small proportion of the Brazilian business people can speak English fluently. Spanish-speaking people should be aware, some Brazilians think that using Spanish means Spanish is an important language than Portuguese. May need to be translated to ask before you visit. Make an inquiry about questions needed to be translated before paying a visit.

Secondly. come into contact.
In Brazil, the local contact is required. Potential buyers will not make a good reaction to direct temporary access. You can participate in trade shows or attend a trade conference to find targeted partner. You can also let the chambers of commerce, trade associations, government intermediary, bank or industry associations to introduce you to the Brazilian company. Your first contact letters  should be written in Portuguese, and also make a enclosed description, if possible, we will contact in English in future. Scheduled an appointment two weeks in advance to meet in the office rather than in a restaurant or bar. One day only arranged for two sessions, one from ten o’clock to half past eleven, the other three in the afternoon. Do not hope to soon enter the stage of the business meetings, the Brazilians need time to understand you.

Relationship. take some time to establish a good, pleasant and relaxed relationship before chatting business. To establish an atmosphere of trust is a prerequisite for a successful business relationship. Makes an interesting topic about Brazilian football history, literature and travel, as well as, your hometown. To do big business before, you may need to visit Brazil for two or three times. Like other Latins, Brazilians emphasis on deep and long-term relationship.

Thirdly, time value.

In southern Brazil, the business people increasingly value the strict schedule and punctuality, especially in the country’s commercial capital Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo) — for those people who are playful , the time rotates at different speed . There, you may find that you have to wait for your local partner for an hour or longer. However, business man should be on time.

Hierarchy, social status and respectability.
In Brazil, a person’s status depends on his social class, education and family background rather than individual achievement. Business visitors can improve their social status in the following ways: showed strong interest in intellectual pursuits, dress appropriately and to live in a high-end hotel.

Expressive exchanges styles. Brazilian people are warm, friendly, generally very talkative, good at using non-verbal expression, and reveal their emotions in public. If your conversation was interrupted, do not get angry. For in Brazil interrupting the conversation is not rude behavior, however, in the negotiations, do avoid direct conflict.

Fifth, the non-verbal behavior.
When men and women firstly met and separated, they should take a warm handshake. Male visitors with another male handshake time should be long enough, be careful not to prematurely withdraw your hand. Brazilian culture, people have a higher degree of contact. People know each other, the two men shook hands, elbow or forearm will be in contact with each other, and perhaps each other a pat on the back or the back. Will embrace each other male friends, female friends will like kissing action little peck on the cheek with his lips. Another friendly way Brazilians speak, stand very close to each other, and strong eye contact and conversation. Both men and women recurrent use of gestures. Do not make the “A-OK” gesture, this is a very rude gesture in Brazil. On the other hand, “fig” gesture, in some Latin American countries are vulgar gestures has said that in Brazil, but I wish you good luck. This gesture is the clenched fist, the thumb between the index and middle fingers, pointing upward.

Sixth, business customs and etiquette.
Brazilians are very casual, but business visitors need to know some customs:
Dress code. Typically, the popular male managers wear three-piece suit, office staff to wear a two-piece. Male visitors should be aware that appropriate business attire often including long-sleeved shirts, even in the summer. Brazilian men will wear short-sleeved men visitors jokingly call blouses. Business women should wear a the dignified suit or dress, as well as shirts and skirts. Ms. can be a short-sleeved shirt. Both men and women should avoid wearing yellow and green clothing, because that is the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Meetings and greetings. Call your Brazilian male collaborators with senhor (Mr.) plus his surname; women senhora (his wife) and her last name. MD, lawyers and university graduate are known as the Doctor. Understanding of the near future, you can use their name to call them, but you have to wait until the Brazilian partners to use your name to call you.

Interrupted the conversation. Business meetings, especially in government offices, will continue to be interrupted. In Brazil, this is not considered rude or inappropriate behavior. Drinking and dining. Women drinking red wine, alcoholic beverages and liqueurs; beer was considered men’s drinks. Usually Brazilians eat a simple breakfast in the morning between seven to nine; eat a hearty lunch from noon to 2 pm; dinner usually began after seven p.m. eat dinner party usually after ten o’clock begin.

Table manners. Do not use a fork on one side to cut something, do not use hand food to eat. Although Brazilians are very talkative, but they do not like to say many words at dinner time. Before on coffee, wait, do not talk about business.

Gifts. Brought from abroad, you can give men a better gift, music tapes, and electronic gadgets, such as the quality of the calculator; perfume sent to Ms. If you are invited to a guest house Brazilian, with some chocolate, champagne or fresh strawberries. Do with purple flowers, as it related to the funeral.

Women in Business. Female business visitors are very professional dress and behavior, then in Brazil do things not encounter major obstacles. For those annoying male attention, you should politely but firmly ignored.

Mutual help. Brazilians often let their friends or business acquaintances to help them size busy, and hope that their demands can be met. However, when you allow Brazilians to help, be careful. Even if they do not want to help you, they might promise of good, because they refused you will be impolite.

Seven negotiating style.
The Brazilian famous tough bargain master, they are not afraid to directly reject your offer. However, this forthright not intentionally want to be rude or conflict. They just want you to know their views. To leave enough time for the lengthy negotiations, both the initial bid to leave enough room for concessions to stay out of space. Throughout the negotiation process, it is necessary to minimize the silence, because Brazilians seem to have been saying.

The wise negotiator during the prolonged negotiations, will spend a lot of time for social. If you want to ask a senior manager for dinner, then let his secretary recommended a hotel. Entertain your Brazilian partner, only in the class, a prominent place, this point is very important. Likewise, business visitors in Brazil should only live in a first-class hotel.

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