Business etiquette and customs in Philippines


The upper class people of the Philippines, is very popular due to the impact of Western society, the culture of ladies first. Whatever you do, generally used to give special attention to the Lady. But in rural areas, due to the woman most men, and the status of women is very low. Their strong family values, generally like people to talk about their families and praise. The upper classes of society generally hi suit; ordinary people, men like white shirt and suit pants; women like to wear collarless dress or sarong; older people still love wearing hemp or grass or wooden slippers. Their favorite jasmine, people respect it as the national flower. Filipino greet guests tend to Jasmine strung a beautiful garland presented to the guests of the neck, to show their visiting guests a pure feeling of friendship.


Filipinos in social situations, both men and women are in the habit to shake hands for the ceremony. With acquaintances or friends and family and white, are generally too casual the Encounter between some men and women, often shown to Paijian Bang ceremony. Meet the young people and their elders, the elders will have to kiss the back of the hand, to show respect for the elderly will have to kiss the cheeks of their elders; young girls see their elders, for the ceremony; juniors met elders speak before you put headscarf Abstract down on the shoulder, a deep bow, and called the elders of the “Bo” (meaning uncle). Muslims meet Shi hands handshake, did not wear a hat, you must meet outdoors with his left hand to cover their head. The Philippines, some primitive tribes meet with the guests, shake hands very unique way. He shook hands turned backward a few steps away, by lacking Cangdao mean to each other. They think that this is genuine, real handshake.

Faith taboo

Most Filipinos are Roman Catholics; there are a small number of people who believe in Islam; minority believe in primitive religion. Primitive religious faith of the people believe in animism, worship nature gods, especially worship crocodiles and birds, that there is a Bird in the great almighty god of creation, called Batalla. Filipino taboo “13” number. “13” is a symbol of doom and disaster. They abstain from the left hand to pass things or food. That the left hand is dirty, degrading hands. They generally do not want to talk about politics, religion and their national situations and the problem of corruption. Muslim taboo pigs. They fasted pork and pig products; nor drink milk and liquor. Filipinos do not eat ginger; does not like to eat mammals visceral and smell things; whole fish is not interested.

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