Business etiquette and customs in India

Hindi is India’s national language, English is the official language and the language of business. India around the size of the temple and the temple towers everywhere, into the main hall of the temple have to take off your shoes, but allowed to wear socks. Sometimes can be rented in the hall next to the overshoes, can be put Rudian. Into the Sikh Temple, head cover with a clean cloth handkerchief. Devout Hindus have the habit of early to bed and early to rise. Every morning Flush cool, prayer, and then began to work. Christians are often in the river (especially) bathing in the holy river Ganges. They believe, into the river bathing, washing fault. Cattle by Hindus as the “sacred” Hindu allowed to eat beef, although the cattle industry, but can only provide milk, butter and cow dung as fuel, drinking milk allowed, there are a few places to do with beef civil transport and arable land.

In some Indian cities, villages, water buffaloes, cows, cattle residue everywhere, cattle wandering freely around the sacred and inviolable. So many cattle, to become a burden on the country. Indian monks every year to hold a ceremony called “wave height”, which means that respect for the cattle. They also organized and businessman many “sacred cows nursing homes, those old and infirm, can not feed themselves Stella adoption has to die of old age. Believe Iraq period Lan teach the Indians do not eat pork, devout Christian does not drink. The orthodox Sikhs haircut turbaned head. They do not smoke, do not eat beef. Orthodox Muslim women in general but not male guests, invited the Indians to participate in social activities, and should also invite their wives. Commercial negotiations, they will naturally say: your capital than our a fee from your pay. Foreign businessmen and Indians do business, it is often so much noise In this scene ridiculous, should pay more money, or more popular – they think it is “logical” thing .

India is a courtesy-speaking nation, is an East-West cultural coexistence country. Some Indians see a foreigner, can use standard English greeting “hello” and some traditional Buddhist gesture – hands clasped together. Hindus meet and bid farewell to Dorsch Namaste hands and say hello to each other Regards. Salute to bend over and touch the feet of the elderly. Indians in his hands clasped together, always held hands clasped together in front of the face be considered. The greeting, handshake more than noble, elegant, it is a “figure who trained sense. You must pay attention to refrain hands together, nodded at the same time (foreigners in India often this action, easily lead to the scorn of the locals), it would destroy the cordial and pleasant atmosphere, seemed a bit nondescript.

Shuttle guests in India, the owner offered garlands, sets of guest neck, his wife sent her husband taking a trip, the highest etiquette is touch the heel and kiss feet. Now, men and women to meet in the city has more than the implementation of the handshake, which means that when they hug affectionate. In most places, meet men or, respectively, the handshake is more common. The men do not shake hands and Indian women, hands clasped together, gently bow. Man not to touch a woman, even in public places and women do not speak alone, women rarely appeared in common spaces.

Indians believe the whistle offend people move, uneducated performance. They put the baby in the bath tub is inhuman. Stagnant water, because the water does not flow the child after bath calamity, died. Indians like to talk about the achievements of the cultural life of traditional Indian as well as foreign matter and foreigners.

Indian women like auspicious mole in the middle of the forehead, the different colors, shapes, represent a different meaning in different situations, it is festive and auspicious symbol. Indian men and women with a variety of decorations habits.

Indian identity and the poor, the caste system, attaches great importance to the identity. A level of Jiamou high B, A and B can not be on an equal footing, and the requirements are stringent. 60% of people in Mumbai (Bombay), India, vegetarian, dinner Indian businessman in advance must confirm each other’s customs, whether it is a vegetarian.

If you want to enter the Hindu temple in India, who can not wear leather manufacturing things, wear cowhide things, be deemed guilty of a forbidden, shoes, leather strap, belts, handbags and other leather products are not allowed to enter the temple gates. The Indians went into the temple or kitchen, have to take off your shoes. They think that, if the shoes is neither polite nor holy. Regardless of gender and age, all the shoes on the door, go barefoot.

Indians Aihe Cha, mostly black tea. Various congregations are also available for the rest of the middle tea Needless to say, entertain guests. Indians home for dinner, guests can give the owner with some fruit, sugar as a gift, you can also bring some gifts to the children of the owner. Many women guests chat, also different customers eat together.

Indians favorite 3,7,9 figures. They think Red responsibility shown life, vitality, vigor and warm, blue sincere. Sun-like yellow magnificent glory. Green responsibility shown peace, hope. Purple peaceful state of mind. Indian life and clothing color like red, yellow, blue, green, orange and other bright colors. Black, white and gray, is deemed undesirable color negative. Do not like roses, desk like on the northeast corner or the southwest corner of the office and commercial authorities.

In India for the first time to visit the company’s firm or government agencies, should wear a suit and contracted in advance. Appointments, be on time for appointments. Indian businessmen are good at personal gain, quick, convenient, like with the kind of transaction, negotiations should produce a sample, widely introduced affordable varieties. Indian businessman, many people educated in Britain and the United States, because it expressed concern about the friendly way. Business negotiations, they tend to thin, longer time-consuming. Extreme poverty in India, a huge military spending and foreign aid in the negotiations, should not talk about in front of the Indians. Customs in Mumbai, should apply to the customs Drinking permission Mumbai market wine may be purchased. Indians tend to take you to the private club drinking.

Indians eat mostly use the dishes, do pay attention to eat, except for the right handed then food, and in the other with his left hand. Contact with the Indians, do not use the left handed him something. Because they think dirty left hand, right hand clean. Eat with his right hand to grab not only eat rice with the clutch, and even gruel can also use the grasping force. In India, in addition to the washroom are not using the left hand. His left hand is an insult to others, calling them you will be left handed something smashed anger, you may smell driving you a pass.

To refrain from touching the child’s head, such as touching a child’s head, the other fell in India. The easiest introduction of misunderstanding is the Indians usually expressed consent or affirmative action shook his head, or the first head slightly crooked to the left, and then immediately restitution, said “Yes”, “know”, “good”, and We nodded vary greatly, most people misunderstand.

Business activities visit to New Delhi, the best choice for every year from October to June, the visit to Mumbai is best to choose from September to October, in order to avoid hot or rainy season. India’s national holiday National Day, New Year’s Day, January 1, December 26, from March to April there is a “burgundy Festival (also called Songkran), from August to September between a brother and sister festival, from 9 to 10 months burning paper Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, August 15, October 2nd anniversary of Sun Yat-sen Gandhi saliva Chen, 10 November Festival of Lights (celebrating yao 3), December 26 for Christmas. And Hindu people. Sikhs, Muslims, Lubumbashi tribe, stomp Mir … each with a different holiday, each port is also a separate holiday, then never transactions Therefore, the visit to India, it is important to first understand each other’s holidays.

The jewelry is the Indians everyday life an indispensable ornament. Even the needy women have to wear a worthless metal or plastic jewelry. Since ancient times, Indian jewelry gift to the woman is the bounden duty of man, and each woman should be fully and jewelry to dress themselves. India called “moon”, “home of the mango”, “gold country”, “diamond trade kingdom”, “treasure land”, “crown jewel”.

Indian customs regulations, entry can carry 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. Wine 1 quart. Foreign currency is not limited to the amounts reported in the first, and bring them back to the exit. The taxis Free tip. Hotels, restaurants and tip in the bill has 10%. Other services pay 2 or 3 at a time ROUPEE can.

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