Business etiquette and customs in Austria

In Austria, the green is the most pleasing, including many of the clothing items are green. Austrian warm and amiable. In public places, the Austrians even strangers meet, greet. And talk to the owner, do not take the initiative to talk money, religion, or political topic (unless the owner to talk about). Austrians like people do not know the characteristics of their own nation and talk about their achievements.

Austria Business Etiquette, Yichuan conservative style suit. The Austrian businessman formal, serious, especially in the capital Vienna, it is felt to a Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and other world-renowned musicians in this activity, dynasty-style atmosphere. Called on the public and private units must be set appointments, attend business meetings, must be on time. Invited to lunch, it is best to look for opportunities to please back a lunch meal. Invited to dinner and postprandial opera, the theater, there was no need to return, please. Such as invite you to visiting remember with a bouquet took. February-April of each year, from September to November the most appropriate visited two weeks around Christmas and Easter should not As for July, August, due to the Holiday Festival, nor desirable.

Austrians name consists of two words, the first name and surname. Name another three-word, usually double or double surname. Call between the same generation, the general said to each other last name, first names only within the family and friends. Knowledge and status generally prefer people to call them in the titles and rank, such as ministers, Dr.. If the the Austrian business card printed on several titles, be sure to ask Which is the most important, because once called a misunderstanding fool of myself. Must be correct crown on their real title, some people in the folder name “von” that there was nobility in his family history. Austrian women’s surname after marriage her husband’s name, even after divorce or remarriage have also maintained the original husband’s last name, and thus refrain from using surnames to infer the women of her husband’s name in vain and call.

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