Belgium Business Etiquette: pigeon wins the preference

Kingdom of Belgium

First, the origins of country names.

Kingdom of Belgium referred to as “Belgium.”

Belgium country derives its name from the ancient local Celtic tribes Belge. “Belge” different explanation: some say, Celtic, “Belge” as “brave”, “warrior” meaning; also been said that “Belge” for “marshy woodland “meaning; was also said that” Belge “from the word” mass “is a fat man’s nickname. July 21, 1831 to establish the Kingdom of Belgium.

Second, the location on the Status of

Belgium is located in Western Europe. North of the Netherlands, East Germany, Luxembourg, the south of France to the west across the English Channel and across the UK.

Third, the main profile

Belgium National area of ​​3.0519 million square kilometers (including the Netherlands enclave of Balak – El East). There are two major ethnic Flemish people accounted for 51.3%, the Walloons 40.7%.

Belgium country is divided into nine provinces, under the provincial area. Brussels, the capital. Currency BEF. The official language is Dutch, French; Dutch-speaking Flemish and French-speaking Walloons, while a few Germans speak German.

Fourth, social customs

The general characteristics of the Belgian social customs can use these words to summarize:

The Belgian human nature suave, smart and open-minded and cheerful;

Like the excitement love to tell jokes, lively, very forthright;

“Respect for President” into the habit of courtesy and manners educated;

Pigeon won preference, the Poppy flower acclaimed;

Rejected blue, dark green, “13”, “Friday” avoid exchanges.

On the details of life has the following characteristics:

Docile temper Belgians, realistic known, they were born like lively, open-minded, lively. Generally love in groups get together to laugh, or at rallies, or make trouble costume parade and other activities. Young people in particular, happy and active life. The man attached great importance to the respect for woman. Whether it is walking, take the elevator, on the train, etc., to be first woman; into public places, the man to open the door for the ladies; dining men to seek the views of Ms. after holing.

The Belgians love Poppy flower. Its colorful ornamental value, won the people’s favorite, is revered as a national flower. They are like cats. According to the information in every four people in Belgium, there is a Kitten. Belgium has the reputation of “the dove Holy Land”, they had a deep affection for the pigeons, pigeons who defend their country has made outstanding contributions.

Belgians have a distinctive customs in daily life, they get up early shoes. Always wear his left foot, then right shoe to wear. Because they have a strange belief that the first to wear the left shoe can eliminate toothache disease.

Five etiquette

The Belgians meet with the guests in a social setting, are generally accustomed to shake hands for the ceremony. Kissing ceremony in Belgium is also very popular, they often endless parties one after another kiss to have fun.

The Belgium Flemish people meet each other, are generally used to Shi embrace ceremony and kiss, kiss mostly in alternating cheeks to kiss him. Leeds town in Belgium, it is also fashionable to kiss bald, when they meet to kiss shiny head for the ceremony.

General etiquette

Privacy is a right, must be careful to respect the attention of the people to beware of protected.

Title and greetings

In Belgium, when they meet kiss on the cheek three times, alternately kissed cheeks. See man and man hug Do not make a fuss.

On social occasions or business gatherings, meeting and farewell customary with everyone present shook hands.

Appointments on time

It is very important to be punctual for appointments.

Hospitality and gifts

Do not send chrysanthemums as a gift. Daisy reminiscent of death.


To avoid talk about politics, difference in the local language (French and Flemish) and religious issues. The Belgians often joked example, the Netherlands, and vice versa. Best not to intervene in this regional rivalries.

6, beliefs taboo

The vast majority of Belgians were Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. They taboo “13”, “Friday”. “13” and “Friday” is a symbol of doom and disaster. They are very sensitive to blue. They, as blue as the color of the devil. Therefore, in cases where the ominous things, they are the usual blue as a symbol. Dark green is still taboo. Dark green make they hark Nazi uniforms.

Belgians taboo others say in their wages, age, marriage and private life of individuals. They think that privacy is no need for others to understand, intervene and inquire. They abstain from mutual cross-handshake and cross-talk, and think it is extremely rude. They taboo chrysanthemum. Daisy for the funeral, is a symbol of death. Belgian conversation, do not want to relate to the distinction between the political, religious and domestic two main languages. In the diet they generally do not eat greasy dishes.

7, eating habits

Belgians usually eat Western food; accustomed to using a knife and fork; placed in the table willing spices. They have their own unique style in the diet, are generally preferred potatoes and mussels (ie: mussels), which is the the usual essential food on their table. Their Chinese dishes are quite interested, although the domestic Chinese only seven more than dry, open a Chinese restaurant has more than a thousand, we can see the influence of the large Chinese food in Belgium.

Belgians on the eating habits has the following characteristics:

(1) pay attention to pay attention to fresh dishes, pay attention to the nutritional value of the dishes.

② general taste flavors do not like salty, love the smell, sour, sweet taste.

② staple food to pasta, eat toast, sweet bread.

④ non-staple food love to eat chicken, eggs, fish, seafood, beef, pork, ham, game product; also love to eat eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, mussels, spinach, cauliflower and other vegetables; seasoning love salad, pepper, tomato sauce, vinegar.

(5) system on roasted, burned, fried, grilled, steam and other cooking methods made dishes preference.

(8) Chinese food love Chinese Shandong, Guangdong.

The ⑦ recipes appreciate salad silk, crispy fried chicken, Hong Ma burning eggplant, steamed seafood, fried green fish balls, fried potato chips, tomato slices of beef, fried eggs, cooked shrimp segment, dried fish, pot roast chicken, The fire on the meat section of dishes.

@ Shuijiu meals, a Yin drink beer, brandy; like to drink yogurt drinks, soft drinks, mineral water; after a meal used to drink coffee and Jasmine scented tea.

The ⑨ fruit eat fruit and ice cream; fruit pleased to taste the apple, litchi, pineapple, oranges, etc.; nuts like peanuts, almonds and other.

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