Knowledge of bamboo fiber and modal cotton

Definition of bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber extracted from bamoo by high technology is a kind of green ecological environmental fiber. Its constituent ( lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose ) is alpha cellulose. Those cellulose applies to high-grade fabric to create romantic and beautiful feel. Bamboo fiber is the most properous healthy fiber in the 21st century.

We can never forget the fabulous feel —— slim, soft, smooth, bright, tough, firm and vertical sense; Slim — the unit of bamboo fiber is so slim, it has a velvet feel; Soft —- more soft than cotton; smooth — smooth but not thorny; Bright —— the white is even, the color is shining. Tenacity — tenacity is strong, elastic resilience is very good; Resistance — strong vertical and horizontal feel but even; Hanging —- hanging is very good.

Why bamboo fiber is warm in winter, cool in summer?

The hole of ozonosphere becomes more and more larger. The anti ultraviolet function of bamboo fiber is a heat point.

The unique structure of the fiber cross section of bamboo
Natural hollow cross-section height, with large and small oval-shaped pores can absorb and evaporate a lot of water in an instant, bamboo cotton absorbent moisture conductivity three times, experts called ” breathing” of the fiber or ” fiber Queen “, bamboo fiber moisture, humidity, air permeability ranks first major textile fibers. Summer season makes use of bamboo fiber textiles are particularly cool, breathable, winter and spring is fluffy and comfortable and can regulate body temperature and humidity, do not get angry, do not send dry.

The longitudinal length of bamboo fiber
It is difficult to single bamboo fiber length exceeds half a centimeter, “sucked ” into the fiber lumen volume of the gas and water.

Easy to “call out”.
Effectively block ultraviolet rays, preventing any external stimuli on the skin produced by the Shanghai Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of testing to prove : bamboo fiber ultraviolet transmittance is almost zero ( only six ten thousandths ), cotton UV penetration of millionths five thousand, bamboo fiber dimensional UV resistance is 417 times that of cotton, thus ensuring the body from UV damage.

Produce negative ions
Bamboo fiber is from the bamboo mention practicing out of green material, it has the characteristics of natural produce negative ions.

Modal Cotton
Modal (Modal) was an Austrian Lenzing (Lenzing) developed high wet modulus viscose fibers regenerated cellulose fiber , fiber raw materials used in the European beech, first made into pulp , and then through a special spinning processed into fibers. The products are all natural raw materials, harmless and can be biodegradable, environmentally friendly. The entire production process of the fibers and no pollution.

Modal fiber raw materials are produced in Europe from the bushes, made ​​of wood after the slurry through a special spinning process is made of a cellulose fiber, so as belong to the cellulose fibers and cotton, is pure natural fibers.

Modal product because good flexibility and excellent moisture absorption, but it has its own characteristics of the poor stiff fabric, are mostly used in the production of underwear. Modal knitted fabric is mainly used for the production of underwear. But Modal with silvery sheen, excellent dyeability and features bright color after dyeing, enough to make it before used in the coat. Because of this, modal becoming coat and decorative cloth material. To improve the disadvantage of poor stiff pure modal product may be blended with other modal fibers, and can achieve good results. JM / C (50/50) can make up for this shortcoming. Such yarns woven with blended fabrics, cotton fibers make more supple and improves the appearance of the fabric. Modal fabric during weaving machine which may be embodied also be woven, and can be interleaved with other fiber yarns, woven to various fabrics. Modal production goods in the modern apparel has broad prospects for development.

Features Modal fiber is luxurious texture of natural fiber and synthetic practicality combined. With soft cotton, silk gloss, Ma’s smooth, and its water absorption, air permeability are better than cotton, has a high rate of dyeing, the fabric colors are bright and full. Modal fibers can be blended with a variety of fibers, weaving, such as cotton, linen, silk and etc in order to improve the quality of the fabric, so that the fabric can maintain soft, smooth, play their fiber characteristics to take effect.

1, Modal fiber fabric soft, drape, comfortable to wear.
2, moisture absorption, air permeability Modal fiber fabric is superior to cotton fabric, fabric is ideal for personal and health care apparel products, is conducive to human physiology circulation and health.
3, Modal fiber fabric cloth smooth , delicate, smooth, with natural silk effect.
4, Modal fiber fabric , beautiful color, amount of light, is a natural silk fabrics.
5, Modal fiber fabric taking stable performance, tested comparison with the cotton fabric after 25 washes through together, will feel more and more hard, but on the contrary Modal fiber fabric, modal fabric after repeated washing, maintaining the original smooth and supple feel, soft and bright, but more wash more soft, more wash more beautiful.
6, Modal fiber fabric clothing effect, shape stability, has a natural wrinkle resistance and easy care, making it easier to wear naturally.

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