Asian yarn trade has a good prospect

Abdoolally Ebrahim Group is a yarn trader, with 160 years of history and experience of practitioners yarn, has become leader of the industry’s leading trade across Asia. The nearest one stage yarn trade situation, the reporter interviewed Abdoolally Group Sales Manager Rashad (Mahmood Rashad).

Reporter: Abdoolally Group specializes in yarn trading on the relevant circumstances should be very familiar to you. Please tell us about nearly stage Chinese cotton imports by India and Pakistan the situation.

Rashad: Since last year, China’s imports of cotton yarn in India and Pakistan to grow significantly, but the recent emergence of the wave action.

Imported yarn trade by the weather, economic conditions and other factors, particularly influenced by the price of cotton. As profits decline in nearly two months, India and Pakistan’s exports spinning mills decreased. But usually in July and August, an adequate supply of cotton in India and Pakistan, and China will be more shortages, by the impact of the cotton supply situation, import yarn trade will rebound.

Reporter: How do you see the future trend of the yarn trade?

Rashad: As China’s cotton policy and labor costs and other factors, some cotton in India and Pakistan areas more competitive. So we are optimistic about the future prospects of the yarn trade.

Reporter: It is understood that India, Pakistan firm on China’s high-count yarn also needs Abdoolally group is no engaged in related business?

Rashad: We have not carried out the business, but we also see the prospects in this regard. Abdoolally Group is preparing to set up a special department to engage in this trade.

Reporter: Abdoolally Group has 160 years of history, is what makes the company a long-lasting?

Rashad: in 1841, in a shipwreck survivor Seth Ebrahim Noordin Immediately after the British East India Company Division came to Hong Kong, China. A year later, he founded Abdoolally company, to carry out cotton, silk and tea trade, and created the first in Hong Kong harbor ferry services. In 1951, Abdoolally company restructured from a partnership to become a limited liability company – Abdoolally (Hong Kong) Limited (Abdoolally Ebrahim & Co(HK) Ltd), is currently Abdoolally Group (AEG) principal subsidiary.

Although most of the early establishment of the Indian companies are now long gone, but only after a lot of ups and downs AEG and war fire, suffered a number of economic recession and foreign trade embargo. Hong Kong has developed into a piece of barren land once.The world’s largest commercial center, the group also had the honor attendant rise to become a comprehensive portfolio of promising cross-multinational companies. Today, AEG fifth generation descendant of the family at the  helm, innovation, successfully restructured to become a business entity. We are not only the oldest history of Hong Kong is one of the traders, it is now HSBC Cooperation maintained oldest customers.

AEG has 160 years of history and experience of practitioners in the yarn, and now has become the leader in the industry’s leading trade business across Asia, through a vast network of suppliers to provide customers with high-quality natural yarns and synthetic yarns. With meticulous service, insist on using the best raw materials, and excellent quality control processes and modern of computer testing equipment, the Group has in the textile industry to establish a high reputation.

In the ever-changing field of trade, and always adhere to the principle of good faith is Abdoolally Group to long-term development of the key lies. In addition, raw material prices, market trends, supply and demand balance of the latest market intelligence, we are happy to total sharing, actively grasp, succeeded in getting the group to maintain a robust textile business growth.

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