A fine tray can hold several glasses of wine without dropping

Have you tried to put many glasses of wine in a tray and take to another table? Be concerned that they may slip together at once? Want to know the secrets of taking them in security?
Except waiters/ common users need to take a tray steadily, the quality of tray cannot be overlooked.

Let’s see two kinds of tray:

Bamboo Wine Tray


it is a good choice for you to use wine serving tray.

use wine serving tray when picnic for you two guys.

Take your wine anywhere with this bamboo wine tray, and avoid spills! It is unbelievable that the beautiful hand-crafted bamboo tray is quite good for having dinner with your families or taking your favorite vintage to the beach! As long as you take this bamboo serving tray in balance, it must hold your wine and keeps glasses securely off the ground–avoiding messy spills, for its material and design can tolerate some weight. Do remember don’t put too many glasses or other things on it. It can only hold a small weight.

Wooden Wine Tray


we know that wooden wine tray is widely used in hotel or restuanrant.

wooden wine tray is widely used in hotel or restuanrant.

It is commonly used in nowadays. Wooden Wine Tray is made of original wood, processed by some specific solution and carved by some fine craftsmanships. It is more thicker than Bamboo Wine Tray. Also, it can hold several cups of wine. You could use it when have meals with your families at daily or at some festivals. You never need to worry about whether those glassess of wine will slip from tray or breaking down. It is firm enough.

The advantages of the tray:
To the hotel or restaurant, waiters can save much time on serving several customers. Time is money!
To common users, this serving wine tray can bring many glasses of wine to families one time. You don’t need to come and go to fetch wine again and again. To some extent, it is a kind of life taste.

What kind is more better? How to buy?
It depends on what time and where you want to use it. If you love picnic meals with your lover, I suggest you choose the bamboo wine tray. If you are a boss of hotel or restaurant, or you love to use it at home with your families, wooden wine tray will be more appropriate.
When you buy it, you need to check out the quality on the spot according to observing material and design.

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