Italian fabric shows recovery signs

During February 11st – 13th, 2014, the 18th Milan International Fabric Show Milano Unica exhibition held at Fieramilanocity, Milano Unica Fabric Exhibition chairman Silvio Albini, 2015 Milan Expo president Diana Bracco, Italy Pavilion Affairs, on behalf of, the Italian fashion industry bodies Claudio Marenzi industry heavyweights such as president, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Milano Unica exhibition this year to join the Milan Expo 2015 organizing committee, more prominent traditional elegance and fashion trends both made ​​in Italy , the industry has attracted a high degree of concern. Italian -based 398 fabric production showcasing the spring and summer of 2015 the market for high-end fashion fabrics, although the number of exhibitors than in 2013 over the same period 417 scale, but three days, the number of professional visitors and buyers up a significant increase of 7.6%, showing a strong show of popularity. During the exhibition, the Italian textile and fashion industry, released its latest trading conditions and industry trends Italian textile industry. From the data, although in 2013 the Italian textile fabric sales revenue declined by 2.4 %, but the Italian fabrics maintained a trade surplus for five consecutive years, the industry in early 2014 began to show signs of recovery.

Many professional designers and buyers at the exhibition fashion trends draw creative inspiration.

Significant industry recovery signal.

According to the Italian fashion industry, agency statistics, in 2013, the Italian textile fabric sales revenue of 7.8 billion euros, down 2.4 % compared to 2012. From the fabric varieties, wool fabric is still the focus, accounting for 36.8% of overall sales. Followed by cotton fabrics ( 23.2% ) and knitted fabrics ( 19% ).

In 2013, sales of knitted fabrics in Italy bucked the market, completely reversing the 2012 loss situation. Silk fabrics Despite slow growth in the fourth quarter of last year, but still remain profitable state. Wool fabric slightly compared with 2012 was downward, cotton fabrics and linen fabrics compared with 2012, the situation has slowed sales decline.

Exports, 2013 Italian fabric exports 4.3 billion euros, down 1.4%; knitted and cotton fabrics imported 1.9 billion euros, an increase of 3.2%. Italian textile fabric industry for five consecutive years to achieve a trade surplus, the surplus amounted to 2.4 billion euros.

Italian fabric export growth driven by core driver market are: Turkey grew by 3.6%, an increase of 4% in Bulgaria , Poland grew by 5.8%, an increase of 4.9% in Switzerland. In addition, other markets have declined momentum, or more markets are: Germany fell 1.5%, Romania fell 3.3 %, France 5.7% decrease, Tunisia fell 13.1 percent, China decreased 2.7%.

Collaboration is essential to strengthen.

Silvio Albini said: “From the industry as a whole , the pasta into the development momentum in the accessories industry since 2014, significantly better than the first half of 2013 over the same period last year , many companies experienced production declines plagued statistics show now. the overall situation is gradually getting better. many Milan fabric Exhibitors 2015 autumn and winter fabrics sales have increased momentum in the Italian domestic market while expecting a recovery, the industry should spend more energy to survive and develop in the international market and now the international market complex changeable, it is more difficult to predict. to reduce the risk, the Italian enterprises must increase market share. U.S. and Japan market has started to recover, despite the recent poor performance of emerging markets, it is still the fastest growth market . continental Europe Russia is the world’s largest high-end luxury market, consumers in many European countries with high quality, they understand the quality features of different products, so many Italian business operations in the domestic market in Europe is so smooth and when the crisis comes we should pay more attention to quality, because consumers need is a high- quality product. ”

Albini also stressed that in the current market environment, the importance of strengthening unity and cooperation in various aspects of the industry, which includes all aspects of the industry, not only in the business to strengthen unity and cooperation, and mutual between industry associations, including the Italian fashion industry, institutions , national Chamber of Italian fashion industry, Pitti Immagine show, Altagamma end products exhibition, Milan and Florence fashion and design boutique centers, and other large Expo Fair, and Milano Unica exhibition in Milan fabric together to form a development model industrial system. Continue to strengthen cooperation by strengthening the leading edge of Made in Italy, brings a strong driving force for the industry development.

Enhance the image quality exhibition.

“Milano Unica has been positioned in the Italian boutique fabric show. Against Milano Unica fabric show, the quality of the show depends on the quality of exhibitors.  The more the number of exhibitors, exhibit more abundant commodity, the higher will be the quality of the audience . Exhibition in the China has launched four, continued success in the international market. “Silvio Albini said.

According to the general manager of Milano Unica exhibition Massimo Mosiello introduced cautiously optimistic expectations in the recovery environment, Milano Unica fabric show in Milan is also on display for the form of exhibitions and product structure has been adjusted. To meet market needs, we optimized adjustment of the exhibition, the show introduced a new image. From this beginning, the exhibition is subdivided into two blocks subject areas: In Fabrics fabric theme pavilion , the main show business achievements and products in the areas of innovation and technology updates; while In Accessories surface materials pavilion showcases clothing accessories products. In addition to the entrance of Porta Teodorico Area Trend trend has themed areas, the organizers also added two trends display area, located in “In Fabrics Fabric Pavilion ” and “In Accessories Accessories Pavilion ” , and has image display area. By constantly sum up the successful experience of the exhibition, the exhibition hall also launched Asia Spring 2015 trends released, were released on-site Italian and English, to better show the trend area and Area Trend Trend Hubs trend Center released information meet the needs of visitors trend information.

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Peruvian textile and garment exports rose 7% in pre-two months

According to statistics Peruvian Foreign Trade Information Department, from January to February this year, the Peruvian textile and apparel exports $ 272 million, an increase of 7%.

According to statistics, from January to February this year, the United States, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia and other major markets, the export situation in Peru is good, especially apparel exports grew significantly. 2 months ago, Peru ‘s textile and apparel exports to the U.S. $ 114 million , an increase of 12.2%. Secondly, Peru, Venezuela ‘s exports to $ 44 million , $ 12 million exports to Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil to export about $ 11 million , respectively. January of this year, Peru ‘s textile and apparel exports of $ 130 million, an increase of 2.8%. Peruvian domestic front, the export of textile maximum Lima clothing , exports accounted for 77% of the country’s total textile and apparel exports ; Arequipa (Arequipa) accounted for 9 %. 2013 , Peru ‘s textile and apparel exports $ 2,000,000,000, of which $ 1.6 billion garment exports, accounting for 80 percent of Peru ‘s total exports in 2013 textile and apparel. 2013 , the United States is Peru ‘s largest export market, accounting for 34% of Peru ‘s total exports of textile garments.

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Vietnam becomes a world manufacturing jeans center

Vietnam News Agency reported on April 8th, Spain Jeanologia and its extensive international partners in Vietnam Joint Stock Company (PPJ)has an ambitious plan, to Vietnam to become high-quality, environmentally friendly global leader in the production of jeans.

Jeanologia president Enrique Sheila pointed out that Vietnam jeans manufacturers have to find their place in the world market, in terms of price and quality is becoming a strong competitor. Sheila believes that due to the world’s largest producer of China ‘s textile jeans policy adjustments , the investment attractiveness of Vietnam ‘s textile and garment industry is on the rise. He believes that Vietnam is to enhance the global leader in high-quality jeans production time is ripe, Vietnam needs to seize the opportunity. He suggested that, to achieve this goal, Vietnam needs to take advantage of the rich young labor resources and other favorable factors, should also focus on the modernization of production technology to improve production quality, increase product value. Levi Strauss jeans and other world- renowned manufacturers and UNIQLO cool, Zara, H & M, GSTAR, A & F, Polo, CK and other well-known clothing retailer, has noticed the rise in this industry in Vietnam, and in close concerned about the development of the situation.

The Vietnamese textile and garment exports reached $ 20 billion in 2013, imports of textile raw materials $ 14.88 billion, $ 5.12 billion trade surplus. Among them, textile and garment exports $ 17.9 billion, an increase of 18.6%; fiber products exported 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 15.7%. 2014, Vietnam ‘s textile and garment enterprises have launched a series of large-scale projects, will expand production and access to new business opportunities.

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What is polyester fabric?

What polyester fabric? What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester fiber? Now there is a variety of popular styles of clothes, fabrics on the market. When people go to the mall to buy, people will care about what clothes fabric is because different fabrics have different grades and effects, dress comfort is not the same.

polyester fabric

polyester fabric

Polyester by polycondensation of an organic dicarboxylic acid and a diol obtained from a polyester spun synthetic fiber. Polyester is commonly known, is widely used in apparel fabrics, polyester has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good insulation properties, uses very broad, suitable for men and women ‘s clothing.

polyester fabric

polyester fabric

The advantages and disadvantages of polyester fibers.

Polyester fiber with high strength and elastic recovery capability, so fastness and durability, anti-crease. Its good lightfastness, poor acrylic addition ratio, the capacity of the light fastness than natural fibers, especially well, almost comparable to the acrylic glass behind Fast capability. Also resistant polyester fabric good performance of various chemicals, acids, bases its extent of the damage is not great, but not afraid of mold, not afraid of insects.

We all know that everything has its two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantages of polyester fibers, what does? The first is hygroscopic polyester difference is caused because of its texture ; then that is poor permeability; finally dyeing is its poor performance, the need for high temperatures in the dispersion of dye.

Now polyester sunlight fabric is also popular on the market, so the kind of material has a lot of excellent fabrics, shade, light, ventilation, insulation, anti-UV, fire, moisture, easy to clean and etc.  This is a very good fabric, thus it is  popular in the modern apparel manufacturing.

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What is China chiffon fabric made of ?

What kind of material is chiffon? The name of chiffon is from the French CHIFFE, i,e, thin and transparent fabric.This is the textile product with thin, transparent, soft and graceful features.

Formal name called “Georgette” —– known as georgette crepe georgette, crepe is a hard twist warp, weft weaving a crepe silk fabric.

China real silk chiff

China real silk chiff

In addition, “Stretch chiffon” adopts FDY100D with polyester warp and weft yarns with polyester DTY100D/48F +40 D spandex yarn as raw material. This product not only shows one linen style, but also has the retractable features.

China real silk chiff

China real silk chiff

Now how to verify real silk chiff and artificial silk?

1, Artificial silk is generally made of 100% polyester fibre, thereinto, the representive is georgette.

2, Real silk chiff is made of 100% silk (natural fiber).

Another way to verify chiffon.

Use lighter to ignite a small fabric: If this is made of real silk, it will emit  odour like the burning hair, the ash will drift in pieces. If this is made of artificial silk, you will smell perfume and sweet, after lighting a small fabric, you can find there is no pieces. Just touch it and you will know whether this is made of real silk or artificial silk.

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Vietnam’s textile and apparel exports increased by 19.3% in the past two months

In view of the economic recovery in developed countries and in June this year, 12 countries signed the Vietnam upcoming TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement, Vietnam’s textile and garment enterprises are expected this year, exports will increase.

According to the statistics of Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance, 2014, two months, Vietnam’s textile and apparel exports of $ 2.936 billion, an increase of 19.3%. January to February, the U.S. became the largest importer of Vietnamese fabrics and garments. Japan imported $ 379 million from Vietnam, South Korea imported $ 278 million from Vietnam. German fabrics and clothing imports from Vietnam $ 106 million, becoming the imports from Vietnam up to the European countries. 1 to 2 months, Vietnam exported 113,000 tons of yarn, exports of $ 341 million, of which 48,000 tons of yarn exports to China, 14,000 tons of yarn exports to Turkey. 2013, the Spanish textile and apparel imports from Vietnam $ 99 million, the Netherlands imports from Vietnam $ 74 million. Canada imported $ 57 million from Vietnam, China imported $ 55 million from Vietnam. 2013, Vietnam’s exports of textiles and clothing $ 17.946 billion, an increase of 18.9%.

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ASEAN countries explore new directions through clothing for cultural exchange

Yesterday, the ” China – ASEAN costumes cultural heritage and development” as the theme of the thematic dialogue in NE • TIGER pick up state-of- living museum held to promote exchanges between countries and in -depth understanding of the cultural aspects of dress.

China and ASEAN countries has a long history of clothing culture, history each other. With the idea of ​​changing social environment and aesthetic appeal and continue to develop innovative, all ethnic groups, the interaction between the various regions, learn and absorb the rich and diverse procure clothing. Historical, cultural, spiritual, artistic value clothing culture has a valuable contribution to the world cultural heritage. Today, the traditional elements being rediscovered and use, has become an important fashion design. Inspiration, its vitality and continuity activation, should influence people’s lifestyles and cultural values.

Was active atmosphere , views of speakers raised instructive for further exchanges between China and ASEAN countries apparel culture opened up new directions and possibilities. Fashion experts like Ning Jieshao Brunei costumes with their national costumes similar to Peninsular Malaysia, has a long history. Although there are many changes, but most of the original design is retained.

Indonesia has many islands. Each has its own culture. Particularly evident in the way they dress. Books in the records, there are more than 1,000 17th-century monks came to Indonesia, before studying Buddhism in India. Indonesian Fashion experts Zanussi introduces this exhibition brings traditional Indonesian dress – dress. Balinese women in the 1930s wore the ” sarong.” Seventies and eighties, young people do not want to wear these clothes, some designers just want some of these clothes fashion design, and activities it is also more convenient. UNESCO will ” sarong ” identified as heritage.

Philippine Fashion expert Norma for the exchange said he was very happy. She believes that the textile is not only clothes, but also shows the value system, the United States, on the social class, of power, on the environment, on the productivity of knowledge. Belief systems in the worship of God, reflecting the inspiration.

Thai mining experts Hitti said Thai culture and Chinese culture has deep roots in Thai costumes and China, India has a lot of relevance. Cultural similarities between the ASEAN countries, can find each other shadow.

Costumes, tradition , the pursuit of the ultimate. 2,500 years ago, Confucius said: apparel ritual allows friendly coexistence between countries. Brilliant ancient civilization has been extended. ” Western tailoring and integration of three-dimensional elements is difficult oriental costumes, we did.” Chinese design director Zhang Zhifeng said. Embroidery, brocade and other craft dig and finishing, so that you can put on these modern clothes.

The use of paper cutting, red, yellow, black five colors to clothes to language to facilitate communication, common open world civilization brilliant.

Professional dialogue about the different ethnic costumes, fabrics, presents a visual feast. China and ASEAN true nature of attitude, which is increasingly lacking in today’s society. Different breeds of different cultural landscape. Traditional cognitive understanding on a new life when traditional face a choice. Only traditional stand the test, detection history. Contemporary people need more than ever before. Elements of traditional dress has become a reference for contemporary fashion design. Traditions across time and space is eternal. Worthy of our cherished. Those are disappearing too common human memories, but now put them into clothing. That tradition and innovation.

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The EU hopes to expand textile and apparel exports to Brazil

Recently, the EU Textile and Apparel Association General FrancescoMarchi expressed the hope that the European Commission continues to promote trade agreement between the Mercosur, the Southern Common Market in Brazil is a key member, while Brazilian exports to the EU market for the textile industry is also important one of the market. Marchi said that despite Brazil’s textile and apparel consumption continues to grow, but the market is still difficult to enter the EU.

Mercosur also includes Argentina, Paraguay, and Venezuela ulgai. In 2000, the EU and Mercosur free trade negotiations between the two sides of the global free trade agreement covers two largest trade zone, including 700 million customers and $ 9 trillion of GDP.

Currently, there is a dispute the two sides in the negotiations leading to the delay in reaching a free trade agreement, therefore, the EU textile and clothing when entering the Brazilian market must face high import tariffs on 35 percent. Marchi said that Brazilian consumers even greater potential than the EU consumer spending on clothing, but the EU and Brazil in the trade, both imports and exports decline.

Barriers to trade between the two sides must be addressed, Marchi said that Brazil and Argentina to attract investment program and import licensing procedures are too cumbersome, limiting the EU’s market access. I hope the EU will reach a free trade agreement with the importing Mercosur between the EU and Brazil will be a long-term cooperation in the textile industry.

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Paraguay textiles and clothing products export increased to 103%

Paraguayan Ministry of Commerce and Export Processing Industry Committee (CNIME) statistics show that the ( 2014 ) March Paraguay industry use export processing industry investment incentives, export value amounted to U.S. $ 2,189 Wan 8,867, compared with the previous ( 2013 ) in the same month of $ 1,078 Wan 9,545 dramatic increase of 103% , while the total value of exports in March this year, the first 8,467 5,662 ten thousand dollars, and totaled $ 100 million compared to 5,944 Wan 1,560 last year, representing one of more than 3 points.

Paraguay in March this year remained the main export market for processed products MERCOSUR countries, such as Brazil and Argentina, representing the proportion of export processing 81% of the total value of the same month, the remaining 19 % are sold around the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, the United States, Chile, France and Vietnam and other countries, especially in tanning leather -based.

The main export of processed products as textiles and clothing, leather cum leather products, Footwear and accessories, auto parts, plastic products and other products.

Report also pointed out that the export processing industry in recent years, Paraguay (Maquila) flourish, the main export market for the MERCOSUR Member States, Paraguay, 95% of the export processing sector foreign investment , mostly from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and other countries.

Paraguay calendar export processing industry committee has approved and put into operation 58 meter family business, the ( 2013 ) annual export value of more than $ 100 million 5,944 million and has been the creation of 5,827 jobs.

Paraguay export processing industry with investment attractiveness countries, meaning Paraguay has become the international foundry industry investment potential of the country.

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Aloin Lucca natural fibers nourish life

Anti-age is a challenge for women who is over 25 years old because our skin along with the increase in free radicals, gradually lose their luster , since then, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, spots problems began to haunt us. Aloe vera is nature ‘s gift to us to share and care, it contains a variety of active ingredients needed by the body, can promote cell regeneration, leaving skin glow young glory . In addition, it has a role in regulating the body ‘s immune system. Aloin Lucca fiber used in this production of bedding, comfortable sleep soothing at the same time , give you a different sleep experience.

Aloe vera is a prime Lucca fiber nanocapsules means the whole package through special technology is firmly embedded in the formation of fibrous tissue structure, after the production process, the fibers by rubbing, tapping, rubbing and other external force, the microcapsules damage, You can play the efficacy of aloe vera. If there is no external force, the microcapsules are not damaged, may persist.

Anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory moisturizing skin care

Aloe vera is known treasure trove of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, can fully regulate the immune system, promote cell regeneration, so that the hardening of tissue injuries and restore health. Lucca fiber -rich aloe vera prime ingredient glycosides, aloin has good antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, while also serving to protect skin and mucous membranes, prevent acne and so on.

Soft hygroscopic

Aloin Lucca fiber has good moisture management and antistatic effect, its soft texture and smoothness elegant drape styles, make the product after repeated washing can still maintain a good sense of comfort.

Authority to detect a significant effect

Referring GB/T2489-2007 detection for aloin content of 2.98mg/kg, product features remarkable.

The authority of the test, the product of formaldehyde , PH value , biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amines and color fastness, etc. in line with GB18401-2010A categories of textile standard requirements, inspection, is available for infants and young children in direct contact with skin health products.

Referring to GB/T20382-2006, GB/T20383-2006, measured using LC-MS product carcinogenicity and sensitization dyes, test results were less than the detection limit (0.5mg/kg).

Referring GB/T17593.2-2007, GB/T17593.3-2006, using ICP-OES and UV-VTS measured, products of lead, mercury, cadmium and ten extractable heavy metals test results were satisfactory.

Reference (EC) No1907/2006 (REACH), detected about 144 substances of very high concern (SVHC), and the results are in line with requirements.

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